Karl Marx Sanchez

It was either a bad pun or a family guy gif. Trying to fit in. Sorry. Read more

I’m still reeling from the loss of my mother 17 years ago. I was 17, she was 45. So much anger and confusion and sadness. One positive is I’ll always remember the friends who immediately showed up and just sat in my room with me while I stared at the TV. They didn’t say much, just sat. Them being there was all I need. Read more

Reminds me of Batman. Love those movies. Read more

Not sure if R Kelly would be interested in doing the soundtrack this time around. Space Jam is over 18 years old. Read more

Surprisingly, he still has a long way to go become the worst Session in Jacksonville history. Limp Bizkit did record 7 albums there. Read more

Maybe Farmer is just a lonely guy who likes connecting with people through texts. If only there was a place for people like him. Where he wouldn’t be lonely. Like a website for Farmers who are lonely. He doesn’t have to be lonely, you know. Oh, well. Read more

Oh, man, thanks for posting my video on Dea... Read more

Disgusting? First Irish lady I’ve seen who doesn’t enjoy banger and mash. Read more

The NFLPA could learn a thing or two from retired players. Warren Sapp, for example, refuses to hand over more than $300 to Sue. Read more