I park in a garage
11:49 AM

They look awesome, although I am confused by how they would work when you need to air down with the spokes blending into sidewall, the weird Velcro patches, but surely I'm over thinking a concept. 

2:52 PM

Trickle up economics!

Seriously though, this has been proven in so many countries.  Give money to those who spend it.  Simple as that.  And unlike the rich, they pay their taxes here.

3:11 PM

I think the 4th lighthouse is best. Not necessarily because of the “Rule”, but because it is working with several rules to make your subject visible and naturally brings your eyes to it. Read more

6:54 PM

er... Labour standards is control of humans. Support of unions is protected. Minimum income programs coming into effect soon in Ontario. I could go on. I think there is more going on there than you realize.

1:45 PM

The market in Canada may be free, but its only 1 part of the canadian ecosystem. The entire health/welfare system (that uses both private and public sources to provide services) runs off of socialistic policies. Socialism is more than just industry/economic control. More of it is the management of the main resource Read more

5:51 PM

Fair enough. People are naive that way. Just like in politics both sides say they have the solution, when what typically guides a country is a mix of solutions from both sides of the table.

5:06 PM

It’s kind of stating the obvious. Of course, the socialism that succeeds would be one blended in capitalistic policy and behaviours. Given how diverse humanity is, with each individual and groups of individuals having different goals, opinions, habits, values, etc... We already know that True Capitalism, True Read more