Jun 17

I know a lot of places that do that. It is good business practice, kind of like comping the local mob boss’s meal. 

Jan 8

To be fair, they pack a lot of commercials into those three hours.

Dec 18

The worst case would be *actual* murder if the victim dies.  

Dec 18

I agree, but in this case, he has only made the situation worse for himself. I’m glad he defended his daughter and maybe brought as much justice to the situation as possible, but he may go to jail for years now. I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Nov 6

Part of me thinks that this is either not true and he’s peacocking about what a piece of shit he is, or that he’s not going to an actual gynecologist but instead some quack even how illegal this seems from a layperson’s perspective.

Oct 17 2019

And what did Parker Posie ever do to deserve having this troll co-opt her good name?

Oct 17 2019

Let’s face the facts; deportation in most cases is bullshit, and it’s especially bullshit when the person has a green card already. The punishment for fraud shouldn’t be banishment. Who gives a shit that this guy wasn’t yet a citizen either? He’s an American, regardless of whether or not there’s a piece of paper Read more

Oct 16 2019

As a followup, I don’t think there’s anything I’d rather see than an actual unmoderated debate between Bernie and Warren. A friendly discussion of their policies and where they differ on which issues, between two adults who have respect for each other and understand the nuances of the issues.

Oct 16 2019

Yeah, I think a better phrase would be “the city is now doing the least they can do in a scenario in which is a citizen is assaulted by a police officer”. 

Oct 10 2019

Even after a relationship is over (and certainly doing it), women are still viewed as being responsible in some way for handling or responding to the terrible shit their male partners did. It is disgusting.

Aug 14 2019

I believe it’s called acid and you buy it in little squares of paper.

Aug 14 2019

Renee has always had squinty eyes and then popped up one day with rounder ones though. I don't think that was just stopping botox. I didn't actually think she looked bad, actually, just waaay different.

Aug 14 2019

When I did my teeth (long awful story; not a single cavity until I was 40, then kerblooey, I’m all implants, bridges and crowns). There’s a temptation, starting from basically scratch, to want the most flawless, white shining chompers possible but fortunately I had a great dentist who advised me to tone it down. In Read more

Aug 12 2019

Large cities have different precincts and then a central HQ. It’s not terribly difficult. Each precinct responds to a certain section of the city.

Mar 12 2019

I love Beau. He’s the physical manifestation of every woman’s well-deserved reward after dating in her twenties. May we all find a Beau.