Kanye Westeros
11/08/20 1:48PM

Kenan Thompson. And they never make any reference or acknowledgement about his race.

11/01/20 2:00PM

Look, this isn’t a specific nitpick related to your review...but the mentality that *this* is the most important, consequential election of our lives is good for turning out voters...but that was 2016. Read more

6/08/20 6:34PM

I’ve liked some of his stuff on Weekend Update on SNL, though admittedly those are just him doing miniature stand up sets, and I can’t think of any one that stands out.

6/08/20 1:56PM

I can’t remember the name of the planet, but the people are proud of having the worst caf in the galaxy, everything closes at midnight, and you’ll get punched in the face for wearing a Corsucant ball-cap into a bar.

6/08/20 1:36PM

He took me right out that episode of the Mandalorian, I refuse to believe there’s some sort of space-Boston that exists in the Star Wars universe.

11/01/19 12:41PM

Shout out to the dumbasses in charge who haven’t figured out how to turn the comments off on the subblogs yet. You brain geniuses show your asses at every possible opportunity and we’re all better for it. Read more

11/01/19 12:30PM

I’ve been a regular here since 2006. My social circle doesn’t really allow many opportunities to talk sports so I treasured that this was THE place that allowed for my dumbass jokes and ridiculous takes to be heard (and even then, there were better comments made by better people). Read more

8/23/19 4:05PM

As “F-U, I’m outta here letters go,” this one is pretty classy and filled with real evidence. Good luck, Megan!

7/01/19 4:03AM

I’ll just say that one of the film’s best moments is an Oasis joke.

6/24/19 4:00PM

Does the movie show Noel and Liam Gallagher in jail? Surely they would be if the Beatles didn’t exist.

6/24/19 2:29PM

It’s too bad that the movie doesn’t have any fun with the music not being received as rapturously in 2019. Maybe a short scene of “She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah” and some girls roll their eyes at the corniest of corny shit.