Kanye Westeros
8/19/19 1:11PM

I thought Mumford’s first album was transcendent, their second was phenomenal, their third was good, and I can’t really get up the energy to listen to their fourth more than once. Read more

8/13/19 2:35PM

Clearly Jesus and Mohammed 1-2, probably followed by a Pope (probably Saint Peter, although John Paul II is going to be high). Confucius is in the mix, as are Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, maybe Sachin Tendulkar, Hitler, Einstein, Mao Zedong, and Queen Elizabeth. Amelia Earhart and Michael Jackson don’t make the top Read more

4/02/19 2:05PM

Undoubtedly. There are names that will lose in the first round here that would be elite 8 or better candidates in other regionals

4/02/19 2:02PM

It’s an odd region in that the 2,4, and 6 seeds are phenomenal (frankly all three of them could be top seeds), the 11 seed is an obvious crowd favorite, and the 1 seed is...not even good at all.

4/02/19 1:59PM

Pope Thrower is ok. He should be a five seed in some other regional, not playing against, again, top three name in the tournament Princehoward Barebecue Yee, in the first round, and he certainly should not be beating him. Read more

4/02/19 1:43PM

I can’t believe the same shit from 2016 is happening again. Pope Thrower is fine. He’s ok. He’s up against Princehoward Barebecue Yee, by any reasonable metric a top three name in the tournament...and the Pope is winning like 72%-28%. A disaster. This is already the second worst NOTY voting travesty ever - nothing Read more

12/14/18 8:00PM

I lived in Cazenovia for 7 years, and never knew they were called the Wildcats. 

5/25/18 12:14PM

Nobody said 0 for 11 was good, but Harden got to the line a ton in the 2nd half, made 9 of 9, and had a huge block on Durant. Saying they basically won the game without him is harsh and inaccurate. That said, if Paul is out they obviously can’t afford Harden missing all his threes.

5/23/18 5:59PM

Mark Murphy isn’t an owner, he’s the president and CEO chosen by the board of the publicly-owned Packers. He may not have quite the same leeway to speak as some of the other owners. Or maybe I’m just saying that because knowing him as I have my whole life, I’m surprised that he didn’t speak out more. The “solution” is Read more

5/15/18 4:00PM

Now I can sometimes hear both - but the one on the bottom is kind of Yaurel-ly except for the middle 8 seconds which are just Yanny.

5/15/18 3:57PM

How...how is anyone hearing Laurel? Or is it going to suddenly switch over to Laurel at some point?

5/14/18 3:14PM

“Unlike in past years of Braves misery, the rotation is suddenly an asset.”

Ok, so I’m only 29, but my knowledge of baseball in the 21st century doesn’t remotely compare to my knowledge of baseball in the 20th century and this sentence is making me feel really old.