Pressing the clutch pedal in with your left foot, while simultaneously moving a gear lever with your right/left hand is the only description of a manual transmission that I will accept. Read more

You and your planet can fuck right off with that “only what you need” bullshit. Read more

It’s a good day for Women in racing. Ana Carrasco won the WSBK SSP300 title this weekend, becoming the first women champion in motorcycle racing.
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I came to post this, it amazes me how many people here forgot that Mitsu has put the Evo name on things other than a Lancer. That said Mitsubishi, don’t screw this up! Read more

ShaneMorris: Straight Six Ninja, my friend, you are entering a world of pain. Read more

Want to learn to drive stick? Try a Mazda MIATA. Read more

No, they don’t. But I can go hire some fucking crony to gin up a projection that says the abatement’s will certainly pay for themselves. Exactly how any of these other companies go about doing it. Read more

This is basically Japan’s version of a Rolls Royce, their royalty ride around in special versions of these like the British ride around in Rollers. Read more

Are we seriously doing this? Are we seriously going to engage in this vapid, smug, equivocating exercise to tell everyone how woke we are? Read more

I will refer to “remaining old fuc* days” from now on, thank you. Hilarious.
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I have long wondered why automakers haven’t effectively tapped into the narcissism of the millennial generation. Look at spending habits in restaurants and bars now, its higher than ever. For a generation that has been seeking “Experiences over things” a vehicle fits perfectly into that mold. It’s a thing that can Read more

Don’t apologize. Whether he’s a “collector” or a “hoarder” really doesn’t matter. Read more

When we first moved to Northfield Township in 1990 (closer to 23 on Territorial), it was a haven from the urban sprawl of Ann Arbor and the Western Suburbs. You couldn’t build a house on less than 5 acres, there were 3 police cars in the local fleet, and Nixon Road was dirt and prevented hoards of traffic from Read more

You mean like every 4-5 years change the connector to some other proprietary shape? Read more

For home and work AC charging, there is one plug: the J1772 Read more

I don’t know what he does in Japan. But if you look on his USA webpage, they’re body kits. If you want to upgrade, he’ll put a coilover suspension on it for you. Either KW or Aragosta. Something any shop can do. Engine... lol. I didn’t see much mention of that on his site. Perhaps I missed it? But I’m sure the Read more

Stance no... poser? What exactly does he do to the cars to improve performance? Read more

I hope you drown in a highly localized flood. Read more