Oct 23 2018

Pressing the clutch pedal in with your left foot, while simultaneously moving a gear lever with your right/left hand is the only description of a manual transmission that I will accept. Read more

Sep 30 2018

It’s a good day for Women in racing. Ana Carrasco won the WSBK SSP300 title this weekend, becoming the first women champion in motorcycle racing.

Oct 26 2017

I came to post this, it amazes me how many people here forgot that Mitsu has put the Evo name on things other than a Lancer. That said Mitsubishi, don’t screw this up!

Oct 19 2017

No, they don’t. But I can go hire some fucking crony to gin up a projection that says the abatement’s will certainly pay for themselves. Exactly how any of these other companies go about doing it. Read more

Oct 5 2017

This is basically Japan’s version of a Rolls Royce, their royalty ride around in special versions of these like the British ride around in Rollers. Read more

Oct 5 2017

Are we seriously doing this? Are we seriously going to engage in this vapid, smug, equivocating exercise to tell everyone how woke we are? Read more

Oct 3 2017

I will refer to “remaining old fuc* days” from now on, thank you. Hilarious.

Oct 3 2017

I have long wondered why automakers haven’t effectively tapped into the narcissism of the millennial generation. Look at spending habits in restaurants and bars now, its higher than ever. For a generation that has been seeking “Experiences over things” a vehicle fits perfectly into that mold. It’s a thing that can Read more

Sep 18 2017

When we first moved to Northfield Township in 1990 (closer to 23 on Territorial), it was a haven from the urban sprawl of Ann Arbor and the Western Suburbs. You couldn’t build a house on less than 5 acres, there were 3 police cars in the local fleet, and Nixon Road was dirt and prevented hoards of traffic from Read more

Aug 31 2017

I don’t know what he does in Japan. But if you look on his USA webpage, they’re body kits. If you want to upgrade, he’ll put a coilover suspension on it for you. Either KW or Aragosta. Something any shop can do. Engine... lol. I didn’t see much mention of that on his site. Perhaps I missed it? But I’m sure the Read more

Aug 30 2017

Stance no... poser? What exactly does he do to the cars to improve performance?