Doesn’t help that he has about the shittiest sounding drift car in history.  Kickass that he pulled it off though! Read more

Nothing makes me happier than properly loading the suspension on my diesel e350 van, brake spooling the turbo and nailing the late apex onto the highway.  Driving a POS to a high level is so much more rewarding than putting around in a street legal grand-am car. Read more

Confirms my lack of respect.  How do you just keep rolling backwards after spinning, rookie shit. Read more

Depreciation and costs of ownership lean towards the Caddy Read more

Solid $7k in fabrication and labor alone. If you think otherwise, you’ve never paid someone to build you a custom car from scratch. Read more

I love how any article about drifting brings out those that feel the need to defend the honor of motorsports. The best you can do is project hate because we are clearly having more fun than you. Please continue on in your sport that has no end chasing after an indistinguishable point. At least in drifting there is Read more

No hand brake, just get a E90. Read more

Uhhh, these systems are tested extensively to deal with random driving scenarios in addition the NHTSA mandated testing. Some of the most talented and long time employees I’ve met have been drawn into the autonomous driving group for the last seven years. Read more

I’m upset that people keep complaining about the car like it’s unfinished. I would have no problem at all if the car was offered with more power, in fact thats the model I would prefer. Read more

Can someone explain to me why the front end looks worse than 2016? I know I hate it but I can’t elaborate exactly why. Read more

Same same but not really.

I will forever regret giving back my Love Rocket, a 2012 B-cab 2wd 4cyl manual trans with manual windows and locks. That truck never missed a beat over nearly four years and I am very hard on vehicles. I keep finding some for $7k but the mileage is crazy high. Read more

Whereas Miata is correct, Tacoma is not wrong? Read more

Name one affordable turbo car that people regularly seek out in the aftermarket because of it’s reliability. Cheap cars that last don’t have boost, I’d love to argue with you about that. Also, you surely aren’t trying to argue that the BRZ isn’t a drivers car are you? Read more

In the future we will praise Toyobaru for their sanity and ability to remain clear headed when we were all asking for these cars to be less reliable. Where are all the SRT4's? Where are all those Mazdaspeed Miata turbos? Mistubishi turbo anything? It’s good luck that all the no talent having power hungry Mustang Read more

Seriously, are we ever even going to try real driver education and training? This never ending cycle of trying to engineer safer cars instead of engineering safer drivers is the pits. Read more

The costs and knowledge needed to get it running reliably should be a deterrent to basically everyone that doesn’t have two commas in their checking account. Read more

Sorry, I didn’t do a very good job of stressing that I meant grassroots level racers. Read more

A movie “inspired” by sure, that sounds like a good watch. But anything remotely close to what actually happened would have to be told by the greatest story teller of our time because the most drama filled portions sound boring already. It’s like, James Bond was actually a real person but the movies, obviously. Read more