2/22/21 7:35PM

Well I couldn’t possibly voice this character...can YOU?

1/29/21 2:29PM

She hasn’t been hardened and jaded yet by a life of thankless super-heroing and Mark Millar’s relentless licking of goats

9/14/20 3:53PM

Which is what makes it so weird when you ooze Cool Guy On The Internet vibes normally associated with middle school edgelords. Read more

9/14/20 3:38PM

Or, hear me out, it’s okay to like things that influenced you as a kid and it’s okay to be bummed out when the author is revealed to be a bigot. Read more

8/18/20 10:19PM

“Sure it was mega condescending, but did you ASK women about it? Some women love being condescended to, probably! I haven’t asked them, but that sounds plausible to me!!”

6/30/20 6:51PM

Anyone who didn’t love Solo can eat a bowl of Corn Chex out of my ass. That goes double for you, Barsanti. 

6/23/20 1:15PM

The notion that entire, sentient races are naturally predisposed to certain levels of intelligence, or moral alignments, is baked into the game. That’s not the same as talking about “good and bad sides”. Read more

6/23/20 1:10PM

I think it’s more that it’s kind of irresponsible in general to imply that entire races of people can be “evil,” or “bad,” because of their ancestry or genetics. I think there is absolutely still room to apply the sort of high level morality you’re talking about to factions or larger groups, but this becomes a bit Read more

6/23/20 12:07AM

Splash is rated PG because it was released prior to the existence of the PG-13 rating. Since they can’t have the movie re-rated, I’m not surprised by the edits. I can understand that a parent who hasn’t seen Splash and seeing a PG rating being surprised by mild nudity.

6/21/20 12:30AM

I love how people are in here talking like this hasn’t been in the planning stages for multiple months prior to announcement

6/21/20 12:25AM

Did you see the second Daria movie, ‘Is It College Yet?’ Jodie has a cool subplot about choosing a school and getting pressure from her dad to go to a historically Black college, grappling with what she wants and what’s expected of her, etc.. I’m not sure how it would hold up in 2020 exactly but at the time I thought Read more