4/23/21 6:43PM

I’m not so sure we should expect a similar cast; Secret Invasion may end up featuring a few of these actors, especially if the “Sharon Carter is a Skrull” wish-fulfillment rumor is true.

4/23/21 10:44AM

I really feel like y’all should’ve waited a day

2/19/21 2:19PM

Killing a dog doesn’t make her evil. Michael kicked a dog into the sun on The Good Place and he’s the architect of Eleanor and Chidi’s heaven. That reminds me, I really need to finish watching season one.

9/16/20 9:05AM

It’s not. There’s evidence from the trailers of Black Widow that Natasha does a Face/Off with her sister in order to beat Taskmaster, and so the theory is that the Black Widow we see in Infinity War and Endgame is actually the sister, not Natasha. It doesn’t keep ScarJo in the MCU, but it’d be Natasha under the new Read more

9/15/20 8:01PM

There’s a popular theory she isn’t dead because .... ummm .... how do I do spoilers here?

9/02/20 3:14PM

New Frontier (granted, a book series, not a TV show) had a hermaphrodite-style alien, although I don’t know if that technically counts as non-binary.

8/31/20 7:12PM

It’s right here in the article:
According to Aschrashrashr and others, their games crashed during the subsequent cutscene that time jumps to older Aloy, and when they restarted they were still the younger version.”

7/29/20 3:46PM

I have believed for years now that Brandon Sanderson has already written it and is simply waiting to be asked to publish it.

7/23/20 6:18PM

You know you’re a shithead when “Jets Owner” isn’t in the top 10 of the worst things you’ve done.

7/11/20 7:25PM

My take is that the “real” Mr Green was being blackmailed for homosexuality, and Michael McKean was an undercover FBI Agent sent in his place to unmask the conspiracy.

7/08/20 9:16AM

All the FBI said is that Wallace wasn’t directly a target. It was still a fucking noose. And Wallace isn’t “trading in” on anything.

6/30/20 6:59PM

I know this isn’t the point of the article, but Pride Month has another couple weeks left to go.

4/26/20 11:52AM

There was an interesting episode of Criminal Minds where the unsub had Capgras.

4/23/20 11:31AM

What word would you use? “Detonate” seems incorrect.

4/18/20 3:39PM

The Book Job (2011) was probably the best episode this millennium and is chock full of great lines.