Aug 14

I don’t think that a person should be fired from their job for calling a woman a hoe (just like I wouldn’t want any of you fired from your jobs if you called me a hoe/b*tch/etc...). However, public sentiment does not seem to agree with me, so, if you are DUMB enough to have a job, especially one that deals with black Read more

Jul 28

Seriously, how many of us are reading this at work and can’t take 5-10 minutes to watch a video? I almost exclusively read this site while I am at work.

Jun 26

First: there are remote car inspection services as well. They’ll send someone out to look at the car, and you can even make requests. When I was car shopping last time I was looking at B8 S4s. I wanted the sport diff and listings are always hazy about that. I was able to ask them to take pics of the rear diff so I Read more

Jun 24

Here you go. It might not have been a true noose, but it sure was not a basic loop either. Definitely understandable how it could be mixed up given the outside circumstances.
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Jun 16

What the fuck is with the format change?! 13 pages to read one story?! Fuck that. Put it back the the way it was. I can’t read shit this way. It’s too infuriating.  

Jun 11

Slapping Mustang on a pig and praying it’s sexy enough to sell just isn’t enough to get the referees of capitalism to like you. Read more

Jun 2

Can someone please photoshop a normal grille on this thing so we can show Justin how much better the car could look?

Jun 2

You probably should have filed this one to the Hot Takes Department, Justin.

May 27

I think I figured out whose house this is. Robert Kraft. He just has some kind of fetish for stripmall massage parlors but doesn’t want to risk the public ones anymore.

May 18

This new format of not scrolling but instead clicking next is stupid.  I click next but then still have to scroll to see two paragraphs.  What’s wrong with scroll format??

May 5

lmao, what sort of driving enjoyment are you getting by driving around Manhattan?

Apr 30

Or Couric has every right to bring up stories from her career, especially if she ends by sharing Denzel’s salient point and saying how he made a huge donation to her charity and frames it as a personal experience she learned from as a journalist. Read more