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Because a lot of fans want the series to be grow and expand and become truly great, not just good. Many fans wanted Pokémon Sword and Shield to be their version of Breath of the Wild, or Super Mario Odyssey, or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Instead, what we got was “Red and Blue minus Team Rocket.” Read more

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Im one of the many fans who both love the new games, and think the removal of so many pokemon is a huge mistake. The biggest reason is that every Pokemon is someone’s favorite. Im lucky my favorite was in the game, but not everyone is so lucky. Read more

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The fact that you took this long and not even bothered to address the real problem with the pokemon cuts tells me how biased this article is. They said that the cuts were part of an effort to provide better animations and the battle animations are still as poor as ever save for a few unique moves, the graphics and Read more

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I have a secret for you: What appeals to you does not necessarily appeal to someone else. Read more

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This “piece” is fucking trash. Absolute trash. It radiates smugness while at the same time presenting basically no understanding of the problems, and using bullshit logic that makes me question if this person ever played any generations between the 1st gen and now. Read more

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There is no guarantee of that, though. It’s been pointed out many times before, but Glameow hasn’t been capturable since Pearl. Knowing Game Freak, the odds of more Pokémon being like that are pretty high.

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It’s not that the animations are bad specifically, but they have no personality. They pop out and just stand there, while the N64/GCN games had them do an entrance animation and had relatively unique idle animations. 

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Played Sword and have been playing the games since its inception. It's probably my least favorite mainline game ever. Fuck, I think I enjoyed Let's Go more, and I hated Let's Go.

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This is an awful take. Ever since I was a kid [I’m 32 now] every single Pokemon has been put into every single major Pokemon release. This is the first home console release meaning it should be bigger and better than the handheld releases - There really is no reason for all Pokemon to not be in the game. . .It’s not Read more

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Then let’s talk about the lackluster trainer battles, the non existent plot, the lack of anything to do in like 5 cities, that there are ONLY 3 legendaries, that there’s no voice acting, every trainer class shares the same model, the GTS is gone, and online connectivity with Friends is horseshit.

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After Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, the Let’s Go games, and now Sword & Shield, I’m basically done with this franchise. Game Freak’s terrible coding is all over the place, with its stilted and minimal animation (both Pokémon and NPC), pop-in everywhere, bare bones story and lore, undercooked characters, ridiculous scaling Read more

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Which is why it’s better for you people to shut up and enjoy your half-baked game.

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Imagine calling people children while explaining your plan to buy something just to spite people who probably don't care that you bought the game lol. But I can't tell you how to use your money. I do hope you like it though, Pokemon is pretty great.

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I’ve played every game from Yellow. This release has been a disappointment. Frankly, Sun and Moon was a disappointment. I had my hopes that they were going to fix things, but no. So I’m going to still voice my disappointment and play better JRPGs.

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“I don’t like it when people criticize the things I identify with, so y’all stop that right this instant.

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because it’s always one step forward, two steps back. When copies of the gold/silver remake are selling for big money, there’s a problem