Aug 11

Biden appointing Obama to the Supreme Court on day 1 and then promptly pulling a William Henry Harrison would be one hell of a way to finish a political career!

Aug 11

If you really want to maximize your time in office if he clears two years and a day she can get relected twice.

Aug 3

What is it with boat people and Trump flags? When I was getting open water certified last summer at Crystal River there were a bunch of Trump boats there that kept ignoring the safety zones and driving their boats directly over diving and manatee locations. Read more

Aug 3

Having grown up around recreational boating I can say without a doubt that 90% of boat owners are not qualified to operate their boats, let alone own them. 

Jul 26

I am but a humble bloghag, but I really do think that Kanye West and his loved ones would all benefit from him not being in the public eye for a while. [Bossip]

Jul 22

Not sure where “here” is for you, but In Michigan(and other states as well I’m sure) all you need is a VIN and they will issue a title and plate for whatever you brewed up in your meth-shed. No inspection needed.
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