I haven't slept in days
10/30/20 3:51AM

Jinro! It’s one of the bigger brands and my personal favorite. But honestly it all tastes the same except for the really expensive stuff.

2/10/19 3:53AM

Or enlarge his eyes slightly every time so by the end of the season he looks like an alien from mars attacks!

1/10/19 12:21AM

Was Al Davis like dead for 40 years and the Raiders were just pulling a decades long Weekend at Bernie’s on the world? 

10/10/18 7:54AM

Based on the small sample size of my 9th grade students, no they don’t know who he is. There’s also a lot of knockoff Bernie Sanders stuff too. Like it will say something random but have the bernie campaing logo on it. It’s just a funny quirk about Korean street fashion. American political campaigns (arguably the most Read more