8/01/19 1:06PM

Unfortunately, her coming out is also tied with promoting her new product Kinrgy. Famous people who use the platform of coming out as a place to advertise deserve /all/ the snark I think!

8/01/19 12:56PM

If it’s unclear, I am bisexual and have written frequently about being bisexual. Enjoy!

7/31/19 9:05PM

as a trans person, I gotta admit it feels really fucked up to hear the acknowledgement and securing of my human rights and personhood as "politics". 

7/31/19 9:03PM

intersex people: still waiting for the outrage against and banning of harmful intersex surgery

7/31/19 8:39PM

Transphobes: “When you’re a kid, you don’t know anything about your sexuality or gender. It’s wrong to impose an agenda on them!” Read more

7/31/19 3:01PM

Agreed - she strikes me as being a wonderful combination of someone who has in-depth knowledge of law and policy, history and so forth at a near arcane level, but at the same time is capable of easily translating that into explanations that everyone can understand. 

7/31/19 1:03PM

Watched it again, and you’re right! Great expression with her eyes. Will play well in the General against Trump’s amphetamine-fueled dead-eyed zombie stare.

7/31/19 12:57PM

I was already on the Warren train but now I’m pushing my chips into the center of the table and saying I’m all in. Read more

7/31/19 12:34PM

I said this elsewhere but the best part of Warren’s delivery was the way she changed her tone to a mocking one and made a subtle mocking face when she said “what we can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.” Just beautiful. It wasn’t so blatant as to be distasteful (people would give her shit for that) but it was just enough Read more

7/31/19 10:42AM

Suri’s not really his daughter — she’s just a spiritual being in his daughter’s body.”

7/30/19 2:31PM

I know people like to knock the twins, but I think they are hard workers and seemed to recognize early enough that being in the public eye wasn’t for them.

7/26/19 9:45PM

Seems super un-economical to be dragging people halfway across the world on boats when there's already people RIGHT HERE... Guess that's why I'm not a business lady.

7/26/19 7:42PM

Gee, if American slavery was an economic matter and nothing else, I wonder why these totally-devoted-to-economics Southern entrepreneurs didn’t also enslave white people? After all, free labor is free labor, profits are color-blind.

7/26/19 5:54PM

“We welcome and enjoy all people from all walks of life except total frauds and complete morons. I don’t care where you were born, just go back somewhere.” Read more