8/01/19 3:31PM

Sorry Joan, I truly do not understand why the members of this comment section have been complete assholes to you from day one. It’s very jarring to see what you say that gets them all riled up, considering the things that they themselves, and the other writes here say. Read more

8/01/19 3:20PM

I gotta say, you commentors are really something to behold. You snark, snark, snark all day long but when the trans woman snarks the response is “WHY ARE YOU SO SNARKY? YOU MUST STOP! WE DO NOT ACCEPT YOU! WE’RE BETTER THAN YOU..... SNARK SNARK SNARK” It’s super obvious that Joan is making the point that maybe you Read more

7/05/19 11:06AM

(That’s a picture of Chloe, please feel free to delete this comment)