May 29

To be honest, I’m happy they don’t care about the optics.

They’re rapidly building and failing in order to learn faster.
They went from several rockets *not able to stand on their own* to having one that filled/emptied a bunch of times, and static fired 4 times. HUGE progress imo.

Waiting because it doesn’t jive Read more

May 29

The thing to understand is, this isn’t a version of the Falcon 9 or anything else. It’s a brand new rocket, using different materials - and moreover, one that they’re failure testing through repeated iterations. They’re deliberately pushing it to failure, to see where/how it failed, and then the future ones will be Read more

Nov 21

Watching people hate its looks is going to be one of the most fun things about it.

Oct 8

I like and admire Musk and I wouldn’t dare try to defend this behavior. I hope he’s A) ashamed of himself B) learns some humility from this and C) pays the award in good faith. Read more

Sep 24

And the trolls in the thread (not going to ungrey them by responding) now say “we know all this, we get it, it’s nothing new” when they literally have been disputing and arguing about the facts up until a microsecond ago and they clearly don’t get it. Read more

Sep 23

Yeah, I'm sorry, Porsche, but having the "turbo" designation on an electric car is just flat out false advertising and stupid, to boot. Turbo is not a trim level...it says the car involved has a turbo... Why not call it the taycan flat six? Or taycan turbine engine car..yes, you called a bunch of your finest cars Read more

Sep 23

Great David vs Goliath story, except it isn’t clear which is which. Tesla now sells more cars than Porsche. Porsche has been around a long time and makes vast amounts of money selling cars. Tesla, not so much. But Tesla is the Goliath of EV production while Porsche is the startup.

Sep 21

I am as far from a Tesla apologist as you will find. As a car enthusiast, I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest trends and subscribe to a few automobile publications. Through the years, I have come across a few articles written Edward Niedermeyer and have all had a very negative slant toward electric cars, Read more

Sep 21

If this guy ran a column about a Tesla death watch why would I think he would write the book in a fair manner. Read more

Sep 21

Edward Niedermeyer Is the quack that has made a career about attacking Tesla Motors and anything Tesla. I remember his hit piece about Electrek connection with Tesla (see link below). I am surprised that Jalopnik would promote this quacks book. Read more

Aug 29

Guys seem to get enraged when a woman is publicly recognized for an accomplishment. You can set your watch to it.

Aug 28

I think it’s just that things are more dire today. The captain planet era messaging was always sort of toothless and focused on broadly non-controversial talking points: “Don’t pour oil on birds, please. Don’t put spent fuel rods directly into your local pond. Smog: pretty gross, right?” Read more

Aug 19

You’ll have greater success convincing a serial killer to stop killing. They suffer from a socially acceptable form of psychosis — they collect and amass more of something than any of them will ever be able to use in their lifetimes (even ten). This drive to amass and collect is not driven by any need. They do it to Read more

Aug 19

Here in Alberta, our Conservative government (under investigation by the RCMP since before the election, and currently out of the province campaigning in Ontario for federal conservative members) created a War Room [sic] to spend our tax dollars on fighting the Oil companies fights for them. Read more

Aug 19

Good. Next step is making them pay for their pollution.

Jun 11 2019

Edit: To answer the question in the tagline? It depends on the question you are asking each computer. Comparing performance is NOT straightforward. In some cases yes, in some cases no. A quantum computer finds answers that cannot be derived by the shifting and adding of bit sequences... because the question you ask a Read more

Jun 11 2019

This will happen.  Also at the same time, it won’t.  Probably.