Dec 10 2014

Coco is one of my favorite nearly nude celebs.... seriously. Her and Amber Rose, so much ass, such big hearts.... <3

Dec 8 2014

Both Cervantez and Mallory are also suspects in an August burglary at American Eagle where more than $18,000 was stolen. Read more

Dec 5 2014

I mean, I think if you eat liquified veggies, your body will be into it because your body likes veggies. It's just not a "detox" situation.

Dec 1 2014

For real. It's weird that people generally support all manner of education reform in the name of rooting out "bad teachers being protected by unions," but I've never heard anyone in a position of power talk about rooting out "bad cops being protected by unions," though they clearly need it.

Nov 30 2014

People are only criminals after they get their day in court and it's decided by a jury of their peers. Unfortunately, we'll never have that decision one way or another. So for the rest of history, he isn't "this criminal", he's just "a suspect who was killed by police".

Nov 30 2014

So, let me get this straight: Missori cops want to punish black men for putting their hands up and saying "Don't shoot." Hrm.

Nov 30 2014

you know what I find offensive? 18 year olds getting shot and prosecutors intentionally throwing the case

Nov 30 2014

Psh leak the new avengers or star wars before they are in theatres and I'll be impressed!

Nov 29 2014

My other half's guess was "Gerard Butler? Maybe? Or is he still fat?" Lol.

Nov 29 2014

Also...he varied the size by denomination! Other countries do this for their visually-impaired citizens so they can differentiate without having to rely on someone else to ensure they aren't being swindled. Whether we ever change the art or orientation, the size changes should happen.