Jul 8

More truck hate from Jalop ... surprise surprise. Now let’s extend that hate to the perceived owners of said truck. Perfect. Fan the flames of a culture war and then sip expresso from my morally superior perch in Williamsburg.

Jul 6

Although I am surely not the first to comment about this... There is a place on Kinja for political spin and bias, and it isn’t Jalopnik. I had a conversation over the weekend with 4 friends who are all car guys, and we all agreed that the content on Jalopnik is straying further and further from what we want to read. Read more

Jun 29

Reddit also noted that the policy against hate doesn’t apply to attacking majority groups, so racism towards “white people” is OK - in fact, applying their logic, it means it’s perfectly OK to be racist against the Chinese and Indians (since they’re both majorities on this planet).

Jun 28

Rule #1: Never post a video when an article will suffice. Most people don’t have the time (or an appropriate setting) to watch a video, but all of us have 60 seconds to read a condensed list of tips. Read more

Jun 28

Lots of confusion in comments about current shifter options on domestic half tons, although it is a little complicated in the F-150 line. Here is how they break down: Read more

Jun 26

It doesn’t change anyone’s life not to allow for the Dukes of Hazzard paintjob, apart from people that wanted to have the Dukes of Hazzard paintjob. It’s posturing for the sake of it.

Jun 26

We banned the Dukes of Hazzard paintjob? Excellent, racism solved, everyone. Way to go. Because the only people cosplaying the single most famous paintjob for a Charger were all Klan members, no exceptions.

Jun 26

Banning people accused of sexual abuse? Glad we are still all-in on due process.

Jun 26

the two women dropped off boxes of nurdles at the homes of Formosa Plastics officials” Read more

Jun 26

Honestly I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, I definitely think twitch shouldn’t give a platform to abusers, but I’m a little leery of them banning accused abusers, and not proven abusers. Hard to think of a valid correction for that though, given how hard it typically is for victims to see any justice Read more

Jun 23

I thought the same way a few years ago. Got a Mazda 3 for the fuel efficiency and figured I could find a truck if I needed one. After 2 years, I was tired of not being able to do anything or go anywhere fun as well as having to climb up and down into the mazda. Traded it for my current f150 and haven’t looked back. I Read more

Jun 22

WFH is awesome for many jobs, yet, it will eventually turn the extroverts among us into raving unshowered lunatics who get overly excited when the FedEx guy shows up. with a new phone charger. Read more

Jun 18

They aren’t “cops” on the show. They are detectives. No one has a problem with detectives. Detectives don’t look for criminals. They respond to crimes and try and solve them. Read more