Jan 7

I’d just buy fireworks if I wanted something that was more likely to injure myself than others. Less effort too. 

Dec 31

nah but they dont deserve it either. you cant call yourself a proud anything if you dont take the good with the bad of being from where ever you are. be proud of your country or skip out and lose the benefits of your home. no different than all these so called proud americans that constantly want to secede because Read more

Dec 23

Same, my parents have a TDI and its going on 300k. The interior kinda wore fast and then stopped...I think the surfaces that were going to peel did early on, and the rest is fine. Never really had any mechanical issues with it at all, still on the original clutch even. Just regular oil changes, other maintenance like Read more

Dec 22

Wow, you really went out on a limb there and decided to be an asshole for literally no reason. 

Dec 18

The whole point of the joke is that it’s stupid to worry about the vaccine. You come off as just a scold here. 

Dec 18

If you’ve ever sat in this interior, don’t worry about what’s in the COVID vaccine.

Dec 8

Yikes. I’m sorry, but I’m seeing nothing but design flaws and laziness. I guess they’re aiming for a cheaper market, but $36,000 as equipped is not a cheap car.

Dec 6

Every single car does this automatically. It’s how defroster settings work.

Dec 5

By saying “Elliot, formerly known as X”, and then never saying X again. You just have to say it once, because X is the famous name, and then people will know who you’re talking about. No one had ever heard of “Elliot Page” before this moment, so obviously you have to tell people who you’re referring to. That’s the Read more

Dec 4

I was taught in j-school to write for clarity and that if an activist group tried to police your language, to throw their tips in the trash. you can’t cover this story without using the both names. otherwise there is no story.

Dec 4

Personally, if a cis person can’t play a trans role then a trans person shouldn’t be able to play a cis role. Anything else is hypocritcal.

Nov 20

All of these bans on gas-burning cars end up a little dumb in that, well, they are not taking place immediately
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