Oct 23

Yes, my comment was snarky and meant to be, Yes, I know it’s your job. However, an unbiased review would have made for a better read.

Oct 23

I love this truck and I do love Jalopnik, I’ve been a follower since 2008.  But for the love of god, can you guys just write automotive articles without predicating them on heated and politically debated topics.  Just providing a hyperlink doesn’t add to any credibility and it takes away from the actual content at Read more

Oct 23

Read that second paragraph of the review again and tell me I’m supposed to believe what follows is unbiased. Read more

Oct 23

It’s hard to imagine this is an unbiased and accurate review, unfortunately. When you start off flaming on this truck and trucks in general, etc, the rest of it kind of gets tainted. I bet it’s really good on the road, isn’t it? Minus the gas mileage...

Oct 21

The original Hummer was conceived as a way for civilians to play war, driving around a street-“friendly” version of the Humvee, a war machine used to plunder foreign lands for riches. The Humvee was an essential tool in the Iraq War, a disastrous conflict manufactured to grab control of oil. In a neat symmetry,

Oct 20

Can’t wait to wrap mine matte green and mount a turret in the bed.

You may call me Master Chief.

Oct 8

The products ofthese multibillion dollar corporations are very serious business we should all take very seriously like the very serious adults we very seriously are y’all.

Sep 22

With numbers like that, I might be inclined to have a healthy dose of skepticism about this whole thing, except you link the Lucid Air article right in the middle of this one. Read more