Jan 8

This shows my biggest gripe with lawmakers going on tangents on firearm laws; complete lack of knowledge. That’s not really a 3D printed gun. The lower receiver may be 3D printed, but the entire slide and barrel (not to mention all springs, trigger bars, firing pin, hammer, etc) are factory Hi-Point items manufactured Read more

Dec 30

I bought a Colorado ZR2 early this year, and I haven’t washed it yet because it looks good with mud on it. But, this week we got a lot of snow (Ohio) and now it’s covered in salt from head to toe, so I might have to bite the bullet and give it a bath just to get the salt off. Read more

Dec 23

My Mk4 Jetta 1.8T had around 235k miles on it when I sold it. I heard so much shit about Mk4's when I owned it, but mine never let me down.

Dec 16

This just in: lifted vehicle is taller than non-lifted vehicle. More at 11.

Nov 23

The tire pressure one? Cool, I like that. Some people do need a reminder, and it has benefits all around. The other one? What a freaking waste. This is going to change no ones mind, and have more negative impact on the environment making the stickers in the first place (and the replacements when they age or are Read more

Oct 22

Surprisingly, the rockers could be fine. XJ floor pans rot out like crazy. My XJ had solid rockers on the passenger side, and the drivers side only had one small hole about the size of your thumb once all the rot was fully cut out. At the same time, floors in the front almost completely gone. They’re just a really Read more

Oct 20

The only thing Covid has been good for. I bought my truck in April. Between a few calls and emails, everything was negotiated beforehand. They delivered the truck to my house (3 hours away, no less), signed the papers on the tailgate, and drove my trade-in back with them. Easiest car buying experience ever, and only Read more

Aug 31

If the dealership never filed the loan paperwork, then there is no lien. And if the buyer already went to the DMV and transferred the title over to his name from the dealership, then the dealer no longer owns the car. There is still the paperwork saying he agreed to pay X amount for the car, and they can go after him Read more

Aug 6

More options are always welcome. For me, the purpose was this: Silverado didn’t fit in my garage, Colorado did.

Aug 5

I refuse to believe that there are that many unique pictures, and instead just choose to believe that like 12 different pictures were Kinja’d 20 times instead.

Jul 16

You can’t get a manual with the diesel. Can’t get 2 doors either.

Jul 13

FWIW, I recently bought a Colorado ZR2 precisely for the same reason that the Silverado I had did not fit in my garage at all (less than 2 inches total room front and back). Now I have more side room, and about 18 inches in front to spare. 

Jun 29

I would like to see this supposed F150 rated for 7k lbs in the bed.

Jun 15

I’m in the Columbus, Ohio area, and the truck came from Indiana (delivered to my house and everything; Covid made people desperate). Read more