Apr 9

Dude, it’s the South. These people have been told their entire lives that unions are bad and antithetical to Southern values. Even if Amazon hadn’t screwed around with the vote, it still would have lost by a good margin.

Apr 6

I think Kaiser has the benefit of only letting Kaiser members through to their appointments. I know in WA if you are not a Kaiser member you cant even get to the schedule you have to call them

Apr 1

If you’ve never interacted with a Yankees fan, consider yourself blessed and highly favored. There is no other fandom on earth as aggressive, as obnoxious, as full of assholes as the Yankees fandom. Read more

Mar 30

I think I speak for everyone when I say the age in question here is not the surprising or shocking aspect, just the gender!~

Mar 24

I don't think she cares why people pay attention to her. She only cares that they do.

Mar 9

Enough of this PC bullshit. In the past, before everyone got so sensitive, God knew how to really cancel someone. Remember when he sent a flood to wipe out basically the entire earth? At the very least they could burn the motherfucker at the stake.

Mar 3

They should sell the cars without batteries. Then you can rent or pay a deposit for one and don’t have to worry about in what condition it or any swapped ones are.

Mar 1

Proximity keyless entry and start. Not having to fumble around with key is probably the greatest feature that has been added in decades. 

Feb 26

Also Rand Paul is not a real doctor. He started his own certification board and self-certified. That’s why people on that “board” are all related to him. Read more

Feb 24

Imagine how much better employed and more prosperous the people of Lordstown would be if their federal, state and local governments had invested in decent public education over the years instead of tax incentives and pork barrelling on these folly companies.

Feb 15

Has there ever been a slimier little slug than Lindsey Graham? You’d think he’d be so exhausted, desperately scurrying around trying to be important and relevant somehow. Perennial sidekick to the schoolyard bully while always looking to see if there’s a bigger bully he can glom onto.