Aug 12

Almost none of the Motorama cars were ever intended for production, this was way before the era when people expected concept cars to be prototypes in name only. Very likely, GM never had any thought at all that this could go into production and never even did any cost accounting related to that. 

Aug 4

Normally I’d agree with you, but I’m definitely drinking the T.50 Kool-Aid right now. 

Jul 31

That’s primer aged about 10 years. might have a flaked roof in it’s future. I drove it a few years back, drives very well. 

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Jul 29

Hopefully the graph curves will cross, that as the general public stops wanting them, the remaining examples will reach classic status, and the collectors and enthusiasts will pick up that demand for the relatively small sub-set of modern cars that do come with manual transmissions.

Jul 27

Maybe I’m being over-sensitive, but that 2nd-to-last paragraph about potential military application kind of plays into the anti-Chinese propaganda being floated by the current administration. Why can’t it be what they said? Search and rescue, tanker plane? Chinese get to have these too, right? Read more

Jul 25
Cone bashing
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One of my slower runs coz GoPro died on the fastest one...Fastest run was like 1.5 seconds faster than this one

Jul 24

Secondary treated effluent from the sanitary sewer system. It still has TDS but all the solids have been removed. If you saw it in a tank it would probably be a deep green color, but it has no odor or solids beyond say 5-20 mg/l. Turbidity would be in the 5-10 range. 

Jul 23

I’m all for getting rid of pennies and nickels, hell, probably even dimes. I use a card about 98% of the time anyway and just pay it off bi monthly. Now that my local car wash has a card reader I rarely ever use physical cash. It has its place for sure but between venmo/zelle and a card I haven’t had bills in my Read more