Justin Young
Jul 16 2019

It’s not a Skyline to people who have only played Gran Turismo and are unaware that the Skyline has always been available in mundane, boring forms and trims.

Jul 16 2019

Except it is. It directly succeeds the G37/G35 which was originally called the Skyline in Japan. Even under the Infiniti brand this car was called a Skyline.

Jun 17 2019

Davey was my best and only friend from k-6th grade and really gave credence to the final words in the movie Stand By Me, “I never had any friends later on like I had when I was 12.” Rather, I am 43 now and I still have never found a friend quite like him later in life. Sadly I will never get to tell him face to face Read more

Mar 21 2018

I recognize this may get buried here, as it goes against the prevailing point of view, but I want to provide a counterpoint. Read more

Aug 23 2017

Being the editor of Jalopnik means you spend a lot of time thinking about Miatas

Aug 23 2017

“It is kind of incredible how, in the Miata’s nearly 30 year history, the company never managed to screw it up.” You literally copied and pasted this from our Slack conversation this morning lol

Aug 22 2017

The reason, he had to misspell it, is because I HAD IT FIRST! Seriously?.. a misspelled me-too SEDAN gets credit, and my WAGON with the correctly spelled JALOPNK plate doesn’t? Is it because I don’t have a manual? Because if this what they mean by white privilege, then this is BS! That’s it, I’m changing my plate to