All the actual 22-year-old actors were busy playing high schoolers on tv. Read more

Yeah, unlike the rest of us, who do work in a career for the sheer pleasure of [whatever the hell you do for work]. Read more

Like when people say “one-hit wonder” like it’s derogatory. It’s one more than most of us get.
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It’s called method acting! You’d think H. Jon Benjamin wouldn’t have to wear a tuxedo or be incredibly drunk to record his lines for Archer, either, but he just has that dedication!
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The author of the profile also mentions up front that they attended the same school. I read a lot of jealousy seeping into the narrative, a “look how silly and crazy my incredibly successful former peer is!” slant to everything. Read more

It sounds like a good movie but this is the sort of movie I just can’t watch. Bleak, violent, and gory.  Read more

Yeah, I don’t get it. It sounded fine, she seemed to treat it carefully so not to damage it. Read more

Right? I didn’t know that flute existed, until now, and it has zero historical or cultural value
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Yea, last time I checked ACTUAL history books Read more

The vulgarization of American history Read more

“The vulgarization of American history”. Oh, our history is plenty vulgar, Shapiro and his compatriots just choose to ignore everything that doesn’t fit their narrative or outright invent things that do. Lizzo twerking with James Madison’s flute is much more wholesome than many, many episodes over the last 250 years. Read more

No, owning 200 slaves is “vulgar” my dood. Read more

a priceless piece of American history Read more

Oh no! He likes to be alone *and* he kept a baseball cap? He uses big words when he talks? *pulls out pitchfork* Get him! Read more

It was never going to be rated R, Christian. Read more

That New Yorker profile is a hack job. Strong’s performance as Kendall is brilliant, one of the most layered performances on TV, a case study in making the audience sympathize with an unlikeable character. Comedy is drama in disguise. Succession would collapse if Strong played Kendall as an SNL impersonation of Donald Read more

A lot of people wouldn’t have a sense of humor about an outsider coming in, gathering negative quotes about them while pretending to be interested in what they were doing, and painting their working style in a negative fashion. People spend a good portion of their lives in their careers and many want that time to be Read more

Yeah, my nine year old noped out early on, when it became clear how scary the kid abduction stuff was. I can’t imagine a lot of kids were still around to see the laser bunny at the end.
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Yeah that scene was a little much, but I definitely laughed at the girl using the bunny as her weapon. It’ll be a lot of fun to watch again with my kids too, but I’m going to have to skip over the “shadow monsters snatching kids out of their beds” scene so I don’t have to deal with a whole fuckload of nightmares for Read more