1/24/17 7:37PM

I can only assume (hope?) they are backing him because they have bigger fish to fry in terms of the cabinet nominees (like they’ve made a deal that they’ll back him if so-and-so doesn’t back someone else?). This still feels like a betrayal, but there are worse cabinet picks, imo.

12/02/16 12:55PM

Sooo I was excited about this show when I first heard of it, then I saw an ad on Instagram where Joy Bryant is lecturing another black woman about how they need to support white women because “just because their seat looks more comfortable, doesn’t mean it is,” or some shit. I NOPED the fuck out at that point.

11/05/16 5:47PM

You can think that a foreign government attempting to interfere in our elections is bad without dismissing whatever the leaks show. The reason why the Wikileaks emails aren’t getting much press is because there just isn’t much there. Read more

11/05/16 5:45PM

Well, never mind that what Trump is basically saying is that he can grope a woman’s genitals without her permission, because most women wouldn’t dare to question a rich and famous man. Aside from that, how about the fact that the emails are emails - private documents exchanged between individuals that were hacked Read more

10/27/16 6:45PM

Breaking news: white man with lots of privilege cannot handle losing contest. Just wants things handed to him.

10/25/16 6:17PM

fashion industry created fake pockets to make it harder for women to run away

10/25/16 6:15PM

my skinny jeans are too tight for pockets so they just have fake ones, so idk what i’m supposed to do now

10/20/16 2:22PM

If the grandmother is the maternal one, it’s perfectly possible that this exact scenario played out with the mom and her father, and the grandma never reported it/insisted she forgive him. And now here we are in Act II.

10/13/16 11:41AM

My thought upon reading this study was: “You know what else is really depressing? The thought of, every month for the rest of my life, having to miss three days of doing anything because I’m vomiting from pain while blood gushes out of my vagina.” Read more