9:29 PM

It’s why we lost because people are looking for their politicians to pass some completely unrealistic standard of political purity. We could have been grumbling that Podesta was Secretaey of State but now we’ve got a Muslim ban in the pipeline.

9:27 PM

Of course that’s why. It is called politics. And I roll my eyes at the Berners with their purity tests. This is how the real world works.

9:25 PM

Federal prison? Then we don’t have to wonder who Trump’s first pardon will go to.

5:15 PM

So many people say women aren’t funny. But (mostly) men post this derivative drivel under the guise of “just joking - lighten up” and no one remarks about men have no sense of humor at all. Because this stuff isn’t even clever.

1:32 PM

La La Land, because at least Fantastic Beasts has the excuse of being weird Doctor Who/Pokemon mashup fanfiction set in the Potterverse. Read more

1:30 PM

There wouldn’t have been any Fantastic Beasts anywhere in the 1920s. The film could probably have “gone out on a limb” and cast POC without having to worry about being inaccurate.

10:20 AM

And Senate Republicans said we had to wait until the new president was elected to vote on a Supreme Court nominee and now it looks like they don’t really have any inclination to vote. Words have no meaning and what you said yesterday doesn’t matter if you say the opposite today. Democrats might win elections, but it Read more

12:42 PM

There are lots of tasks that aren’t hard but still take people a while to get around to doing. Some people are just procrastinators, especially about death. My estate lawyer gave my husband and me our wills to review and told us that most of her clients wait 6 months to a year from that point to signing them. And I Read more

2:16 PM

I also wonder what kind of abuse the mother may have experienced as a child that normalized the dad’s behavior, and also how financially dependent she might be on the father. I mean not a single part of this story is excusable and the man is a monster and he should be in jail forever and ever and the judge is a Read more

5:38 PM

Orthorexia is an eating disorder where you’re obsessed with the purity of your food and parents definitely impose it on their children. And Orthorexics are often recovering anorexics.

5:36 PM

Less, but still can be tone deaf about gender and race. Once in a while Claire chimes in with a note about the role of gender but it would be more meaningful if they could use their stats and demographics to really unpackage it.

2:37 PM

Not surprised to hear any of that. I love the podcast because I think the information is useful and they’ve calmed me down when I was anxious about the outcome, but whenever I recommend it to someone I give them a douchey-broey caveat. You have to have the stomach for it. When they had a woman guest on after the pres Read more

7:41 PM

My baseless theory about her parents is that Trump never really loved her mother nor meant for it to be a serious relationship. She was just a “side piece” to him and Ivana found out and got really, publicly angry and he felt boxed into marrying Marla just to spite Ivana for standing up to him. And that’s why Tiffany Read more

9:21 PM

Her second term? Can I mainline your optimism? Or is it too pure? I’m slowly drowning in a sea of despair and I need help.

10:46 AM

I pick out the green ones because they changed the flavor from lime to green apple and fake apple flavor is deadly.

10:06 AM

Setting aside that it is a reprehensible analogy... it isn’t even an accurate analogy. Read more