For those of us in the Midwest, Hy-Vee does 20 cents on FuelSaver for getting a flu shot in their pharmacy, even when insurance fully covers the cost of the shot. So free 20 cents off per gallon of gas. Most of their FS discounts are 1, 5, or 10 cents for purchasing specific items so this really is a great perk for Read more

My husband is a recovering Republican and while he registered as Dem this year, he voted for Johnson. I was pretty apolitical when we first started dating. Read more

My husband said something like “He just looks like someone who wants to be pissed off,” upon seeing the mug shot. Read more

I’m in DSM, too. I am voting. Read more

There are a ton of people on my FB feed screeching about “it’s not a wasted vote!” The ones in my (red) home state I mostly ignore. The ones who live in the swing state next door? I’m legit scared. Read more

Grey no more! (Well this comment at least). Read more

There are exemptions per the link you provided: Read more

I've had that. I figured out that if you refresh the page that they should all load properly. Read more

Aw, I too miss the Asiago roast beef from Panera. I learned to sub the Asiago focaccia so it didn't hurt the roof of my mouth when biting into it. Read more

I agree. I get why she was upset to start but I wish she was more diplomatic about it and didn't get the bitchy attitude at all. There's such a thing as a sore winner. Read more

Ha, I'm the opposite! Ungrey on main site but never been followed by the sub blogs. Read more

I was completely spoiled by Amazon Prime and Netflix so when I signed up for Hulu Plus, I was really pissed about having to watch the same 2-3 commercials every 5 minutes. A week later was when they launched their ad-free service. I was all over it like white on rice. Read more

Did Match a couple times. Dated a guy for 6 months from the first go-round. Wasn’t bad, just not long-term compatible. Has some messages from guys who were so far out of my stated height/age/location requirements that it was laughable. Had one odd date but I really only agreed to it after my mom encouraged me to go. Read more

I like red velvet generally, but that's a pretty funny description. Read more

Aw, hubs would have been elated to see them lose money! We cancelled satellite for now so no HGTV binges for awhile until things settle down around here. Read more

I've seen several places tape a note over the chip reader when they aren't accepting them that way yet. The customer can't physically insert the card into the chip slot, cashier doesn't have to repeat themselves umpteen times a day! Read more

So it would be a service to the good doctor still referencing that text to let him have an inkling of what its like to be in his patients’ shoes and swing that book right into his crotch? Cool. Read more

My thoughts on abortion have wildly changed over the last 15 years or so. I was raised Catholic so very much against it, though I don’t recall ever having an opinion on its legality. Then decided that it’s probably OK for other people but I don’t think I’d ever do it. Read more

Still, she looks so freaking happy there. And I'm not a Britney fan. Read more