The Crazy Kanuck; RIP Oppositelock

First thing I thought of.

Thanks all for the memories. I (well all of us) appreciate your heart felt good bye words. On that note:

Holy shit I didn’t know Fake Sergio caused that much grief
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Because he’s 51 years old competing against guys in the WRC who are 20+ years younger. There’s also the fact that he started rallying in his 40s, while the other top drivers in the WRC have been rallying since their teens. Read more

Have any of the above stuffed a GM press car into a barrier?  Read more

Indeed.  I wish you were here under different circumstances. 
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Idiot. No. It is not about being faster. It is about engagement and being connected to the car. Doing things yourself and enjoying every single aspect about actually DRIVING. Read more

If they put some time and effort into the B58 the car already has, they’d likely be pretty amazed by its capabilities as well...but fanboys gotta fanboy. Read more

Weirdly, the taillights were used for the Canadian market-only Lada Niva Pickup. Read more

This man is a genius.  If it was locked in a garage with an armed security detail (like most F40s likely are), people would wonder how to steal it.  But on the street with duct tape... Everyone assumes its a Fiero and won’t touch it with a 10' pole. Read more

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This is hilarious. Jason Torchinsky should be promoted for this. Read more

That’s about like saying “I’ve never had sex and I’m getting sick of seeing it used for selling everything, as well as procreating! Who needs more people?” :P
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Yep.  Hot take alert!  I’d rather drive through a cornfield backwards with a manual vs. wasting those beautiful Japanese roads in an auto. Read more

I wonder how many people around these parts remember his majesty Roy Wort. Read more

One other bad thing, no third pedal and shifter. Read more

“Canadian Park”
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