Juan Lacayo
Jul 24

I think F1 should do this every year. Don’t tell the teams what tracks they’re going to until like 3-4 weeks before the event. And throw a few curve balls with tracks they’ve never raced at. I love it.

Jul 22

I have a mask on and don’t smell anything, so she who blogged it, smogged it.

Jul 14

Looking through their used inventory has reminded me that Porsche dealers like to buy new GT cars and then sell them used with only 200 miles at 25% above MSRP. Read more

Jul 13

Somehow not a problem for Porsches, that also have safety catches and prevent you from opening the frunk in motion with the fob or interior switch. GM quality at work.

Jul 13

That the complaint was filed with CAPS LOCK engaged tells me Corvette demographics aren’t changing. 

Jun 30

The Silverado isn’t good either. But the Hyundai/Kia circlejerk is awful around here. You aren’t allowed to be critical of either brand. Read more

Apr 29

The only reason this is biting her is because how this dealership operates. As noted in the source article, one of the male employees was on that very same site. All he got was teased. Another male employee also groped another female employee, no mention of a reprimand for him. Read more

Apr 7

Actually haggling Best Buy on the price of a fridge can save you a great deal of money. 

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Mar 9

Hi, I’m Jimmy from Jimmy’s Manure Delivery.  All of our vehicles are Dodge Journeys, because they’re crap before we even load anything in them.

Jan 13

The Ford Flex gets way too much love on this site. It looks like shit, and it’s not a good car by any metric. Its only redeeming quality is being a ‘wagon’ in a market undersaturated with wagons, but nobody’s going to pay $13k for this example of the species.

Dec 17

how is it the range topper when the turbo base costs more and has more power? 

Dec 11

The most important metric for a Taycan buyer is range?  Do you hear 911 owners complain about MPG? I think you’re missing the point.

Dec 11

While I know some people have an illogical range anxiety issue, what are the odds that anyone that buys this car is actually going to drive it 200 miles? Read more