Arguments of is it or is it not a noose are irrelevant; what is relevant is if that noose-like door pull was put there as a direct message/threat to Bubba Wallace - which it has been concluded that the rope had been there before he arrived, and it was a random selection of the garage. Read more

Most jurisdictions consider the obstruction of traffic an illegal activity and have developed rules to prosecute those who block, obstruct, impede, or otherwise interfere with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic upon a public street or highway.

You can’t be serious.  You are comparing the Chinese crackdown on protesters to what is happening now?  What an utter and complete lack of understanding.  You REALLY have to check your history before making idiotic comparisons like this.  As long as people THINK these are comparable events, we will NEVER make the Read more

Well so much for Jalopnik... this used to be an objective place with interesting automotive news and stories. We get it, the entire G/O media group is on the left and hammers visitors with progressive hot takes daily, but c’mon please keep Jalopnik free of garbage takes like this. Gizmodo was lost ages ago, but now J Read more

So pull over and have your trial by a jury of your peers. Read more

99% of your takes on here are shit. This is just another one. If a guy is going to run from the cops with stolen plates then he’s going to do more to stay free. Or the cops don’t pursue people so they rob us at gun point and the cops don’t chase them for shit. Then the criminal is free to do what he wants because Read more

They then allege he ran “several stop lights” before jumping on Interstate 17 and eventually heading west on I-10 toward California. Read more

I can still go to work because I don’t have to commute with my entire town Read more

Right? “COVID 19 -> pack everyone into a tin can together!” Read more

In a time of social distancing you call for more public transit? Read more

“Public Transportation” are you nuts? After all this no one who has a choice will get anywhere near the mobile petri-dishes (buses and trains) for years if ever. Not saying the overall premise of public transportation is a bad one but COVID-19 will to far more to discourage investment in public transportation than Read more

I think this is what Carvana and the like (and now CarMax is copying it) are solving - they’ll bring the car to your house for you to test drive. Read more

Another option is that the current male actors re-identify as women and then problem solved I reckon. Read more

Five minutes into the movie, all the dudes get kidnapped. We think they are the main show but an hour goes by and all they do is bitch at each other while being locked in a small room together. Another hour goes by and they just now get freed, they try taking one punch at the bad guy/gal, but even that gets taken away Read more

No. 90% of all female cast movies are junk because they celebrate being a female cast. And secondly this franchise has run its course, making further movies in effort to check off an all female cast on an already way over done franchise as a whole. Read more

What could go wrong?

And the fact that they were red, white, and blue is just peak Chevrolet. Read more

If we properly educated American drivers about lane etiquette and, well, driving, there’s no reason our interstate highways couldn’t be a fast as the German Autobahn. They’re designed for aircraft landings and troop transport, after all. Read more