Dec 13 2016

Critics can’t win. If they treat the latest chunk of Star Wars product like it’s an empty confection, the fanboys (and girls) jump on them for ignoring the deep subtext and story arc (ahem). Read more

Feb 13 2016

Been playing for 2 years, the game feels like its dying. The devs clearly have lost passion in making the game entertaining and/or they can’t keep up with their own schedules. There’s no real ‘endgame’ anymore as they have hit a wall in repetition of content, there’s no point in gearing or leveling more characters if Read more

Jan 2 2016

I’m unnerved by modern nerddom’s preoccupation with the concept of canon. It’s an ill-fitting idea to try and weld onto fictional material. Given that all the materials continue to exist for free consumption, trying to wrangle the plot points of one storyline you enjoy into another narrative strikes me as needlessly Read more

Dec 30 2015

Sheesh man, I’m not a Deadstan, but pardon Diana if she isn’t immediately ready to trust every last resume detail from an Internet commenter named MILF Hunter. I mean, at least tack on Esquire, heh.

Dec 14 2015

“Any resemblence to actual Star Trek is purely coincidental and non-intentional.”

Mar 24 2014

And the QFMS and SCWWS are essentially useless as long as Qatar's kafala system remains in place. Under kafala law, migrant workers are essentially indentured servants, completely at the mercy of their employers. Many migrant workers have their passports confiscated by their employers when they arrive in Qatar, and Read more