Feb 19 2017

I’ve been seeing a lot more anti-Trump political opinion pieces on my car blog than RX-7 articles. How about we get more of the latter?

Feb 6 2015

Mazda RX-8 water pump gaskets make a good ol' cock and balls stencil

Jan 29 2015

The Ford Probe. I remember my Karate teacher had one in the mid-90's and I thought it looked cool. More than likely it was just because of the large GT sticker on the side. Then again, those were the thoughts of an 8 year old me. Anyway, they all have just seemed to vanish. I don't even come across beaters

Sep 12 2014

How much extra is the Nyan Cat graphics package? And how much horsepower does it add?

Sep 11 2014

i dont think anything with 2 turbos is cheap to own. n/a or t2 13bs are pretty cheap to afford. FDs though...naw. Financial Disaster

thats why i own an FB, Fucking Badass