JSC Speed
Aug 31 2016

I’m expecting that a fine has been quietly levied his way. Or something, because that kind of action should not go unpunished.

Aug 31 2016

That was the most dangerous move possible, especially at a blind corner. He should have followed the marshal’s point instead of taking off on his own. And before anyone else asks, yes, I am a corner marshal, and yes I have discussed it with some of the workers who were at the race.

Jul 11 2016

OMG, why do people back down from this? I would travel to court every day for a month to ensure this man went to jail. I mean come one, dude tried to murder you on the side of the road for NO REASON, he needs a nice stay in one of California’s terrible correction facilities. This is why people are hyper aggressive on Read more

Jul 5 2016

I agree that the penalty was BS but looking at penalties given to other drivers for failing to avoid a collision or whatever their wording is for crashing into someone has not been a DQ. Instead they have been getting grid spot penalties so a 5 spot penalty for silverstone would seem more approriate. However since it Read more

Jun 30 2016

Woah there cowboy. I’m from Vermont. If you want to go along party lines, look up Bernie’s stance on gun laws for the vast majority of his career and tell me again that this is broken down on party lines. You can buy anything you want here, can use it practically anywhere that’s not designated as a village, and there Read more

Jun 27 2016

Rutledge wood is on this site all the time. If you look at his driveway you’ll know that he is in fact quite the car guy.

Jun 21 2016

I actually REALLY enjoyed this episode. I know Evans sucks, but the rest of the cast is really getting pretty good. If only we could get Matt Leblanc to act a bit more natural during studio recordings, that would be almost perfect. It was fun. Just fun. Read more

May 24 2016

...a culture that infuriates me? You mean that same culture I have spent years learning about, immersed in, adapting to, and being molded by? That culture? The one that is so much a part of my identity and sociocultural context that I’ve chosen to take on Japanese nationality and live here for the rest of my life. Read more