Feb 11

Scalpers don’t get to claim the same status as walmart. Their business is beating other people to the punch. They aren’t a part of the supply chain or anything like that. Walmart is part of the supply chain. They buy from a wholesaler and then sell retail. Without a Walmart, companies like Sony then have to staff up Read more

Jan 7

I’m glad that they do. I much prefer swapping some rechargeable batteries than having to dock and charge a controller.

Sep 17

So here is a crazy thought. STOP BUYING INTO FUCKING FOMO PEOPLE!!

You wont be less of a gamer if you wait a week, a month, a year to buy the new hotness. Quit letting companies tell you that your life, personal worth and identity depends on you tripping over yourself to spend your money and prove you are worthy of Read more

Apr 8

I bought Eneloops for the Xbox 360 in 2009. I bought replacement Eneloops this year when they were on sale. It’s just much more convenient to go swap the batteries on the charging cradle for the ones in the controller than it is to plug the controller into a charging cable.

Feb 19 2020

No way man. The johnny cab from Total Recall is how it’s gonna be in the future.

Jan 27 2020

Oddly enough he sold it back to gamestop for $13 in store credit.

Jan 24 2020

BUWHAHAH Sueco looks like something a couple of tiktok-saavy 40 year olds assembled in a lab hastily converted from a laundry room.

Jan 8 2020

The deep link thing sounds great; What I want is to go a step further and combine all of the playlists of all the streaming services I subscribe to in one master list so I can see everything I have access to in one place rather than browse three different sites, and then have it play on whichever service it’s hosted Read more

Dec 26 2019

“...and that game was NCAA College Basketball 2K3.”

(the joke being that game is one of the rarest GameCube titles and now sells for around $150)

Dec 5 2019

LEGO?  Depending on what LEGO sets they got, they might have gotten a better deal.  Things can be expensive as hell.

Nov 14 2019

I followed news about this service with baited breath because it sounded amazing. Exclusive Star Wars and Marvel shows? Yes, please. Then they clarified that the new Marvel shows wouldn’t even start landing on it until next fall leaving a single new interesting show in a sea of old content. What a joke.  Feels a lot Read more

Nov 13 2019

I actually kind of liked the Assassin’s Creed movie. It was fine. I also thought the new Tomb Raider movie was a lot of fun, even if it chickened out at the end and stole the first Uncharted’s big threat for its final reveal instead of embracing the TR franchise’s love of supernatural nonsense.

Nov 13 2019

This. It doesn’t snow where I live. But a 300 hp Camry with some trd dress up parts and a hoonigan sticker that I can awd drift into the school drop off line sounds like something I can get behind

Nov 12 2019

Just checking to see if they added the AI Ghosts yet... nope? Aight then...

Nov 5 2019

A Nintendo inside a Nintendo? You don’t say..

Oct 21 2019

Absolutely reminded me of “Sacrifice of Angels.” If only we could get DS9 in HD: