5:47 PM

100% in agreement. It’s bullshit how we’re paying farmers to grow an inherently unprofitable crop.

3:35 PM

why do the engines and exhaust look like they are plastic? 

3:20 PM

Gah. That black and gold one is pretty grotesque. And the blue one... not a fan, especially of the way they moved the taillights down to the license plate bracket. But the overall shape is good. It just doesn’t strike me as “new” enough to be different for Harley, which is what they need. The Bronx Streetfighter is Read more

3:19 PM

I know this is gonna upset a lot of people to hear this, but I’m just gonna say it: there are other places besides New York.

3:16 PM

Pretty sure that’s a Lambo Buell dude.

2:58 PM

I’m Whitey McWhiterson, and I'd never, ever ask the cops for help in a minority neighborhood. I assume that gesture increases the chances of escalation and harm. 

2:56 PM

Sounds like the company is trying to attach the cost of the new studio under the net gain of the game. Did they also apply the tax breaks? Plenty of shady ‘movie-accounting’ could be going on here. Read more

2:23 PM

Unless I’m worng there is no regular 3.5 in the F150. The base model is a 3.3 (280hp) and the Ecoboost is 3.5TT (375hp). Read more

2:20 PM

Yeah. Because Amazon isn’t currently trying to do that. Workers have leverage now and should use it. This isn’t something that Amazon can magically turn on automation and replace the workers in these areas.

2:14 PM

As an Ad for Amazon pops up that Gizmodo gets a commission on...

12:05 PM

My favorite one was some dipshit who spelled it "wah-lah." I went ahead and called him an illiterate fucking moron. I'm pretty sure he got elected president a year or so later.

11:46 AM

I recommend the Crower ‘Baja Beast’ cam for a AMC V8, I really liked the bump in power with no loss in low end torque in my CJ-7's 304. Also a great time to throw on a 4bbl carb and aluminum intake, also really helps out at higher RPM’s as well as your back when you reinstall it. I had a SJ Jeep Cherokee that I found Read more