Jeremy Repanich
Aug 21 2019

Previous to this I worked for a media company that appealed to good liberals by getting them all enraged about those big bad republicans not wanting people to have things like health care. Meanwhile, we were all contract employees who were offered zero benefits. But—hey!—there was a keg of Stumptown cold brew in the Read more

Aug 12 2019

Lots of media companies have ditched them. My company doesn’t offer retirement savings and it is becoming one of the biggest digital media companies right now.

Jul 30 2019

Kelsey McKinney once wrote a story accusing my boss of calling her ‘honey’ in an interview. He claimed he never did and asked Vox for a retraction. Vox said ‘no,’ so he asked them to review her recording of their interview and then retract it if the comment hadn’t occurred. Magically, the recording was lost—the file Read more

May 10 2019

The question here was really solid, and I’d like to agree with Albert, but I’m not sure of his tone, therefore...

Mar 21 2019

His first season, I was living in Seattle, attending UW, and watching a lot of games with my friends. It is 18 years later and I STILL remember this throw vividly. Even better was his quote that, “Why did he run when I was going to throw him out?”

Jul 24 2018

I don’t know about this comment. I think it totally obscures the heartwarming story of the CEO using the bonus he received from boosting the stock price to buy his daughter Madison a Mercedes C300 for her 16th birthday. I mean, she wrecked it in 4 months, but the bonus was large enough to get her another one, in a Read more

Jun 4 2018

This is why I love baseball. I love seeing athletes in peak physical condition excel at their craft.