I mean, at least with the death of net neutrality, maybe they’ll be able to get rid of all those Freewebs sites I made when I was in elementary and junior high school. People constantly accessing those has to be eating up a lot of bandwidth, right?

The Meh5

I bet I would love the hell out of driving it, but there’s nothing about it that puts it on a list of dream cars. Yeah, the numbers are bigger than last year’s numbers, but next year the numbers will be bigger. It just all seems so pointless. At what point will these absurd horsepower wars end?

December 6th, 1917

The world’s largest manmade explosion (up until the atomic bombs) goes off in Halifax harbour after the Mont-Blanc and the Imo collided, killing 2000, wounding 9000. It leveled two square kilometres of Halifax, and launched the shaft of the Mont-Blanc’s 500 kilogram anchor three kilometres. Truly a horrific accident…



Apparently the 2018 Beetle is unavailable with a manual in Canada. Which is a bummer, because the car I was really taught how to drive stick on was a diesel New Beetle. Granted, no one will care about this news, and clearly no one was buying Beetles with a manual, but still, it’s a bit sad.