Aug 20 2019

If Sony/Nintendo did something like this they’d have my money in a heartbeat. I’d love something like this, but I’ve yet to use a 3rd party controller for either system that tops the in-house ones. The only one in recent memory that raised my eyebrow was that Super Nintendo looking pro-controllery one for the Switch. Read more

Jul 30 2019

Orwell would have to rewrite his novel to make it clear that the government didn’t impose the surveillance state. Read more

Jul 23 2019

I assume you are probably SOL unfortunately if you didn’t take the $60 option as now they don’t have a reference of a transaction with customer support. Read more

Jul 5 2019

My feeling is that she’s not so much lagging as on a slow burn. Apollo rockets, as I saw recently in the absolutely gorgeous footage from the new Apollo 11 documentary (65 mm Panavision!), start off very slowly, then gradually achieve breathtaking speeds that take them on long, successful journeys. Read more

Jun 29 2019

Yes, that’s what we came up with too! Home becomes the main game. What was previously the main series becomes collecting expeditions hosted by a new trainer, who basically after that game, joins your conglomerate.

Jun 24 2019

Not going to lie, this is the thing that bugged me about the Big Bang Theory episode where the girls got the princess makeovers. Read more

Jun 23 2019

I personally want an international crossover, with both the Ouendan and the Agents.

Jun 19 2019

Good question! We have not. I’ve had gay friends visit solo and as couples, and they didn’t seem to have any issues, but that’s anecdotal at best. Read more

Jun 12 2019

I would say so. In the treehouse play through, they crafted a Fire Pit, which was a public works project in the last game. I’d imagine that there are certain things that won’t fit in your home.

May 7 2019

Adidas website will have them listed in their stock ~1 week prior to launch. The stock page will have a “this item will unlock (This day) at (this time)“. Just be on the page at the date and time of launch, and you’ll be in queue. Don’t refresh the page. After launch resale pairs will be posted to apps like StockX and Read more

Apr 29 2019

I wish I knew the answer, and I hope Nintendo remains motivated to publish such games. You seldom see much public clamor for these games. Here on Kotaku, traffic for stories about them is usually mediocre to bad (this BoxBoy review, for example, is drawing very few readers... oh well!). Read more

Mar 27 2019

St Louis style pizza is a real thing and they should feel ashamed of themselves for it