Jul 27

While technically this is correct (Derivative work is protected), it uses source code that is owned by Nintendo, as well as being tied to the LoZ IP. Ignoring the source code argument (I don’t know enough about digital property rights as it pertains to 20 year old video games)–Nintendo’s C&D is in the interest of Read more

Apr 17

I read “Kirby ArtStyle” and I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t Nintendo publishing new ArtStyle games branded as other Nintendo franchises.

Mar 24

So the joy-con display as the original color of those purchased. So grey for the grey, neon blue for blue, etc... You can change the way that those display on the switch but it takes some computer trickery. You can change them to match any colors you painted/modded:

Feb 19

This has been something I’ve been wrangling with over the past few weeks playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on Switch. It’s a good game (despite some real JRPG bullshit that totally ignores modern gaming QoL) but I find myself really wanting of an english dub. Read more

Dec 4

This is emblematic of a problem I hope Pokemon Home solves: Pokemon games have criminally basic customer customization options. Read more

Oct 30 2019

What if it’s a costume wedding and I want my guests dressed as either aliens or Starfleet officers? Is that appropriate?

Sep 12 2019

You guys have no clue how upset I am that Nintendo is WHOLE-SALE ABANDONING MIIs! This could have been the Miitopia x Wii Fit Crossover we always wanted!

Sep 5 2019

I’m imagining a Switch Pro/Dock+ that has some of the connected tablet functionality the Wii U had (Plug the cartridge into the dock and bluetooth sync the Switch for control?) that also upscaled when playin in totally docked mode.

Aug 16 2019

You can transfer everything, only won’t be able to use them all (as far as we know) in Sword & Shield. Possibly they’ll introduce a battle stadium in Home, or other app.

Aug 7 2019

His criticisms of GameFreak and the franchise are right. His reason for not getting the game? That’s entitlement.

Jul 24 2019

What I really want from Nintendo is a place to order custom colored Joy-Con the same way that Microsoft has the XBox design studio for their own controllers. Then releasing new colors wouldn’t be such a big deal and switches would feel more like personal gaming consoles.

Jul 23 2019

What about those of us who called to get a repair, were told that it’d cost 60 to replace and decided to just buy a new one? Where’s my refund?!

Jul 15 2019

Microsoft has the XBox Design Lab for people to custom make controllers. I don’t understand why Nintendo hasn’t done the same for at least the Joy-Cons... Seems like hyper-custom Joy-Cons would be something that’s easy money if they’re sold at a premium price.

Jul 9 2019

I will continue to post this till it happens: Pokemon Home as a one-stop for post-game care and competitive content. Read more

Jul 3 2019

Watching that Powerstone video somehow reminded me of The Wonderful 101 from Wii U. I feel like mashup of 101's characters (Which are similarly cartoonish, unique-ish playstyles, have a great variety of costumes) and Powerstone’s fighting mechanics would be a fun party game with a bit of modernization.