12/01/14 4:12PM

Ah yes, the fame and fortune that come from fabricating a story about your gang rape! What riches and notoriety await those women who spin a delightful yarn about being violated ten ways from Sunday! What exciting prizes and praise are bestowed upon them as they pretend to have been assaulted by beer bottles and/or

12/01/14 4:04PM

As scripted roles? Or "semi-scripted" which seems to be how reality shows are these days...?

12/01/14 3:53PM

I'm confused then, because all the Housewives and Vanderpumps or whoever seem to have no spots or cellulite either...?

12/01/14 3:44PM

This isn't really reality TV though is it? It's fully scripted with actual actors.

12/01/14 2:12PM

Eventually even the worst screaming toddler tires himself out, though. Read more

12/01/14 2:04PM

I think we all of us should just make a little pact amongst ourselves—and by "we" I mean everyone in the world, even people who don't have internet but will hear this by word of mouth—to stop talking to and/or about Piers Morgan. Let's just ignore him until he goes away. Thanks.

12/01/14 2:02PM

Being unsure of the future and your place in the world is just part of the human condition. Oddly only once you figure that out do things become simpler.

11/30/14 10:19PM

These guys are all hot but I'm not sure I'd want a male model as my gyno. Eeeeeeew.

11/30/14 9:17PM

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one judging their decor. The comments on this post are making me feel better about my bitchery.

11/30/14 9:16PM

Yeah so don't judge me but I went to their YouTube channel and there is more of the house. It is exactly what you'd expect the house of someone who names their pets "Lexi" and "Lacey" to look like.

11/30/14 3:42PM

This is bullshit. Maybe all I know are exceptions but I know quite a few people who have changed a lot—for the better—after the age of 30. One of them is well into his 60's! I myself am nowhere near the same person I was just a couple years ago. Don't give up hope, people—change is possible.

11/29/14 1:21PM

No, there was no one in the room. You had to wait in line and then they'd let you in and it would be just you and Shia alone for however long you wanted. That was part of the draw/weird art aspect of the whole thing.

11/28/14 7:16PM

Has the PUA community seen this yet and if so when do you think they will stop weeping into their gym towels?

11/28/14 6:33PM

God I am dying to read that novel.

11/28/14 3:53PM

Your whole comment was along the lines of "I do believe him, but..." which read—to me anyway—as blaming. When we question the actions of the victims in the context of trying to figure out "why" the rape happened, we are putting at least some small bit of responsibility on the victims. That may not be the intention but Read more

11/28/14 2:41PM

You should probably do a little internet research on victim-blaming because you are doing it right now.

11/28/14 2:31PM

That's beside the point. It's like asking why a woman just didn't say no when she was cornered in a room alone with a man...Maybe she felt threatened or that no one would hear her cry out. Maybe she was afraid of what he would do otherwise. Your asking why he couldn't say no is the same thing IMO.

11/28/14 2:14PM

I couldn't figure out if the boyfriend was in on it though? Because then on the Gawker version which has a bigger pull-quote Shia says he felt bad for the boyfriend which implies he had no idea what was happening until afterward.

11/28/14 2:10PM

The comments* on this story that I have read so far are really weird. La Beef is a tool—there's really no denying it—but that doesn't mean he deserved to be assaulted. I don't understand the people claiming he's lying or he brought it on himself...Would they be saying the same thing if he were a woman we all think is Read more

11/28/14 2:05PM

This will be cold comfort given the circumstances but I think you should write a book.