Josh Laurito
Jan 25 2018

How many articles should we load: should it actually be ‘infinite’ or should we stop after a certain number? Read more

Dec 26 2017

Everyone be nice down here or I will fight you.

Everyone be nice down here or I will fight you.

Nov 11 2017

I just want to say thank you to everyone commenting and sharing their migraine stories. I’ve found it’s one of the only ways to make it a less lonely illness, knowing that other people are going through the same thing, or have the same triggers. And it’s great to see people say they feel better for sharing it, too. I Read more

Nov 6 2017

Easy to miss, but the trophy is a 3D incarnation of the tournament bracket, as all trophies should henceforth be.

Oct 20 2017

I feel lucky to have worked with Lauren for the past few months. She is kind and generous and I promise not to be the reason she seems something she hates.

Oct 20 2017

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to feel FOMO about something that I haven’t been a part of for nearly two years now, but I was, so…Kinja! (Warning and apologies: Whenever I write these things it feels like I’m giving an awkward bat mitzvah speech.) Read more

Oct 20 2017

Lauren. I’m grateful for you. Your enthusiasm for rolling up your sleeves and finding a solution to any problem in infectious. Your honesty is admirable. And I hope you know that even though we may work for different companies now, you are stuck with me.