Josh Laurito
12/26/17 6:00PM

Everyone be nice down here or I will fight you.

Everyone be nice down here or I will fight you.

11/11/17 10:26AM

I just want to say thank you to everyone commenting and sharing their migraine stories. I’ve found it’s one of the only ways to make it a less lonely illness, knowing that other people are going through the same thing, or have the same triggers. And it’s great to see people say they feel better for sharing it, too. I Read more

11/06/17 5:54PM

Easy to miss, but the trophy is a 3D incarnation of the tournament bracket, as all trophies should henceforth be.

8/04/17 12:02PM

I love love love Richard Sherman. He should have a show. Can’t be worse than so much of what’s currently on.

7/24/17 5:15PM

Patrick has been fired for not referencing the extensive real-world history of ballistas being used to kill flame-breathing magical lizards the size of 747s.

6/05/17 11:20PM

Since August is the eighth month of the calendar year, and an 8 looks tantalizingly similar to an hourglass, be there a better way to remind the world that baseball needs no clock than to feature 18 hourglass-shaped color commentators? Read more

5/27/17 6:26PM

Ok all lets not be scumbags. This is a tragic event that i wouldnt wish on anyone.
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