Joshua Hammer
9/03/14 11:50AM

The PS4 can be deauthorized online... BIG improvement.

9/03/14 11:17AM

Yeah, originally I thought the PS3 was too outside the realm of this list, but you're right, it should be on here. And now it is!

3/06/14 9:58AM

Keeping track of open connections efficiently, for one. Have you tried running a torrent or QoS on a low-RAM router? Plus you can have more services sleeping in the background with minimal impact. It also has 32MB of flash storage. So it can hold a fairly large firmware image, too. Read more

2/28/14 8:38AM

Yeah, it's pretty safe to say you completely missed the point here. And didn't read what I said about that very fact in the article. It's okay, it's an understandable knee-jerk reaction.

2/06/14 9:51PM

"Some nice tea sandwiches and possibly a bottle of wine for the graveside picnic" Read more

2/06/14 3:56PM

The photo is in the post. (Stand up desk = just add a cardboard box under my laptop.)

2/06/14 2:04PM

In my volunteering life, I prepare Miss America contestants to compete for state titles. I do a lot of interviewing and always looking for new questions. These are awesome cuz they're so weird.

2/06/14 1:34PM

Sounds like a place you wouldn't want to work at anyways...

2/06/14 1:24PM

I would get up and walk to the door and say "I am seriously considering a job here, call me when you are serious about hiring me". I don't need a job so bad that I will sit and be made to feel stupid.

2/06/14 1:21PM

I was once asked the, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" for a part-time job at a public/school library. I wasn't expecting that so I came up with something on the spot. I think people who don't have experience interviewing are more likely to ask those questions. My dad conducts interviews (and has for several Read more

1/24/14 2:19PM

Man, finally Friday evening, time to take a deep breath, clean up my GMail inbox and... nope, never mind.

1/24/14 2:18PM

Here's a question. I'm assuming that people at Google use Gmail. So if they can't get to their Gmail, how do they receive emails that their service is down? WE'LL NEVER GET IT BACK. (yes, I'm kidding about all of this).