Josh Dutcher
7/07/15 11:44PM

“We’ve got a full tank of gas, a half-pack of Gauloises, it’s the early Twentieth Century, and we’re wearing berets” Read more

2/18/15 10:16PM

I bet the kid knows how to use the damn phone to film in landscape though

4/14/14 10:18PM

I fixed it: "Minivans make so little sense. If you have a minivan, you have too many people to move."

9/11/13 3:57PM

Here's the thing. I personally think that the coolest pieces of asphalt in the world are those tiny little hillclimbs and mountain passes that are so frequently seen in asphalt rallies, er..hillclimbs, and in Initial D.

8/31/13 5:42PM

If you look at the highest point of the mountain on the right side of the video, at the beginning of the video, you can see the boulder come loose and start rolling.

7/15/13 5:46PM

I wonder what was more damaging to the reputation of Asiana Airlines? KTVU's reporting? the NTSB intern? the dude who uploaded the clip to Youtube? or the fact that they crashed an air plane and killed two passengers?

Litigation for the Nguyen!

6/27/13 2:59PM

I didn't realize at first that 'Take My Breath Away' was edited when the video goes black. I couldn't think of a better song to be playing on the radio at the time if it was the case. Read more

6/25/13 3:26PM

We use other cars as well, not just the Impreza. But good question! I'm not one to hoon and brag about it ;)