Yesterday 8:08PM

“during these proceedings, Jamie Spears has sold the family home and is currently living in an RV parked in a warehouse full of Britney Spears memorabilia in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana.” Read more

Yesterday 3:31PM

Seriously, what kind of costs must that school be facing now? I cant believe that a single principal has the power to levy that kind of pain against a district unless there was a collaboration of assholes supporting something so fucking stupid...

Yesterday 1:53PM

Exactly; it’s pretty fucking insulting to bitch that this ruling was “teehee Becky can complain!” but in actuality it’s pretty significant for what constitutes free speech out of a school setting in a world where our words and locations are increasingly disparate from one another. This is why this site needs writers Read more

Yesterday 12:11PM

This story has the feel of some principal or other high end school administrator happily escalating things on a power trip just because they don’t have to pay the legal costs. The goal was never to protect the sanctity of the learning process, it was to win an argument with a (then) child.

Tuesday 9:31PM

Trump stories like this remind me that it’s been heaven having trump de-platformed everywhere, especially Twitter. Not having to hear about every turd that drops out of trumps anus shaped mouth is paradise.

Tuesday 10:34AM

They obviously didn’t yank on the straps and say “yeah that ain’t going anywhere” before they drove off. #1 rule of securing a load.

Tuesday 10:05AM

Retail and food service have always had terrible customer issues but I can’t count how many times over the past year I was at a Target or a grocery store or anyplace really and a customer lost their shit over something stupid. I saw a poor Target worker get screamed at by some insane shopper and tried to say something Read more

Tuesday 9:30AM

I live in Boston now but grew up in Chicago. Boston is far less segregated than I expected (I live in Dorchester and, yeah, I know, it’s “different” now). But in Chicago you have train tracks, six lane streets and entire expressways that partially created/partially reinforced segregation. The borders I see in Boston Read more

Tuesday 9:21AM

Until companies and managers start protecting their employees, and ditch the inaccurate and outdated model of “The customer is always right,” this is just the beginning. The years I spent working retail included being screamed at almost daily by people because Oprah’s latest promoted book had sold out within five Read more

Monday 8:25PM

Government saves person’s life at sea (that was of their own personal reason they were there) and currently government foots the bill, yet, we don’t get the same luxury when an ambulance is called for a personal health crisis.  Read more

Monday 1:27PM

Does anyone notice that Trump rallies and speaking tours happen almost inclusively in blue cities. He should do the speaking tour in rural areas and exurbs but he wouldn’t. He craves the attention of the blue cities.

Monday 12:43PM

Eating their own is always great. The nastiest thing about these idiots is their lines being closed too much. Mindhive