Today 1:39PM

It also doesn’t matter really if Biden and other Catholics who are pro-abortion get a slap on the wrist from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, because ultimately if the priest handing out the wafers which represent the body of Christ doesn’t want to restrict people from receiving the sacrament, then Read more

Yesterday 11:16AM

If he’s so upset about spending money on federal holidays, he should be trying to do away with existing ones. Washington’s Birthday/President’s Day and Columbus Day seem like good places to start (although officially changing Columbus Day into Indigenous Peoples’ Day might be better). Unless, of course, his real Read more

Yesterday 11:07AM

Fair enough, that’s what happened to me as well.

Yesterday 1:52AM

I live in Maine, which is not a hot place, and the house is frequently over 80 degrees when we sleep. I don’t love it, but it’s not the end of the world.

Saturday 6:44PM

I think it’s just one more hurdle for voters to navigate. Between this, and long lines on voting day (primarily in Black precincts), and reduced hours for early voting (again, primarily affecting Black areas), and making it harder to mail in a ballot, there are going to be some people who don’t vote who otherwise Read more

Saturday 8:48AM

And if they keep it to only public figures, I think they’ll still find that a lot of parishioners are going to drop them for another denomination because they’re exhausted of the sanctimony and hypocrisy.

Friday 9:02PM

The church is dead set on making itself completely irrelevant.

6/13/21 10:40PM

I think it’s pretty important that states be able to establish guidelines for teachers. For example, mandating that biology classes teach the theory of evolution and that they not teach creationism/“intelligent design. But I agree that this seems different, since the legislature seems to be demanding that teachers Read more

6/12/21 12:06PM

Next, the Jeffrey Dahmer museum is going to have an actor come in an talk about how unfair it is that people wouldn’t let him eat the delicious flesh of little boys. And the MRA museum will talk about how unreasonable it is that husbands aren’t allowed to rape their wives anymore.

6/11/21 7:08PM

I did the same thing, and my reaction was “well actually, that seems excessive”.

6/11/21 5:01PM

lol, yes, thanks. I just didn’t read it carefully enough.

6/10/21 7:30AM

That’s it, they think the government’s job is to ensure a supply of people desperate enough to work for whatever they can get.

6/09/21 6:15PM

In Soviet Russia, police catch criminal for you.

6/09/21 12:37PM

It’s not just that White people decided to take Texas from Mexico, one of their motivations was to make it legal to hold slaves. The desire to hold people in slavery is absolutely fundamental to the story of Texas, and it needs to be understood.

6/08/21 6:09PM

I mean, I think their own shitty perspectives were what opened them up to “harassment and wide-spread hate”. Improving the lives of people working in the construction industry is a great thing, but making life worse for women spending time in public isn’t the way to do it.

6/08/21 11:40AM

Boston police and the police union also ignored/covered up for a cop/union president who had raped children. Apparently those bad apples have spoiled the barrel.

6/08/21 11:22AM

I’m familiar with the replication crisis, but I didn’t apply the key insight that a lot of published results, especially the sexiest, most exciting ones, turn out to be flukes. I guess we’ll never know for sure with this one, since I can’t imagine someone would get approval to run this sort of study. But the critiques Read more

6/08/21 11:04AM

Well damn, I should have read through it more carefully. Thanks for sharing.

6/08/21 9:05AM

There’s at least some reason to think that it’s nothing special about the people who seek out those roles, it’s the role that corrupts the person: