Sep 29 2017

Also you’ll be able to get the 2.0T with a manual, which you couldn’t do with the V6 sedan. And timing chain > timing belt any day.

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Sep 14 2017

In the early and mid-1990s, you could walk into your local Mazda dealer and buy any of these sporty coupes. And the RX-7. Things were better in the ‘90s.

May 30 2017

You know, I haven’t thought about that, but you are probably right. It might explain the behavior of some of the cars around us as we traveled this past weekend. Read more

Jan 14 2017

And has been banned by For Sweden. When reached for a comment For Sweden replied “When they start making the 240 again maybe I’ll consider ungraying.”

Dec 15 2016

I think 248k in a BMW is more impressive than 300k in a Toyota.

Dec 12 2016

Having been in newish FCA products, I can report that this person probably was far from being a human. Probably just a robot that calculates results based on an algorithm that generates random names. Read more