Jon Miller
Apr 13 2015

There is no convention. Laguna seca is CCW. Sonoma Raceway, not far away, is CW.

Feb 22 2015

Someone needs to check their math. 150 km/h is 93mph, not 41...

Sep 10 2014

Thank you very much. It was a GoPro on a broom stick (you can see it's shadow). Almost crashed my brains out a few times riding with no hands and managing a dog on a leash and a camera on a stick, but for this shot it was totally worth it.

May 13 2014

Not an Indycar fan but maybe... having a proper field? 33 cars with a bunch of nobodies isn't gonna cut it. Read more

Apr 25 2013

I coach this driver in his F430 Challenge car who admits: "I'm not the fastest guy out there, so I have to get attention some other way!" Kids go nuts for this car at every track we visit!