Jon Miller
1:42 AM

LOL, not sure what the cause of the failure was. Obviously had some stopping power or else that would have been a huge hit. Could have been rotor or pad failure.

9:36 PM

Nobody is forgetting that very sad, but unchangeable fact. What we can change is how we operate these kind of events and evaluate the level of safety or justifiable risk associated with participating in this kind of activity. This was gross negligence and that is what makes this even more of a tragedy.

8:20 PM

That one gives me nightmares. The other one is Jimmy Johnson losing his brakes at WGI in turn 1 and hitting the wall, head-on at what looks like 200mph.

8:17 PM

Not all S4s had them, only those with the Alcantara seats and sport package.

5:49 PM

Thanks for the input. What team do you crew with? It would be great to meet at a race this year. I was at Kansas this year and no, it wasn't perfect. Many of these suggestions were meant as jumping off points to get some conversation started. As (clearly) I don't have all of the answers, I appreciate the insight from Read more

3:38 PM

Fair question. What would happen to that car and driver pairing? They would start from the back. Tough shit. Read more

3:31 PM

The drivers and crews are able to handle multiple stops per race already, and the current rules make sure that the two classes pit at separate times to avoid a crowded pit lane like what you're picturing. Sure, accidents in the pits can happen, but they are rare enough that it shouldn't be a major concern when Read more

11:52 AM

Sadly, no. But the current 328d can be had with the MSport package. Alas, no manual and it becomes a $60k 3 series when you're done with options. :-/

2:39 AM

It's a miracle that I ever went back for a second B5, but the pull of the noggy avant was too strong. My 2000 Santorin sedan was a waking nightmare, like yours. Went through 3 sets of turbos, 2 transmissions and a complete engine replacement under warranty when the dealer under-filled the car with oil (3 quarts vs the Read more

2:27 AM

OOoooo! Looks a lot like my current daily, except mine is black on black. Can't tell if yours is an Xi, but I had to look long and hard for a RWD car. Plans are: wheels, MSport bumpers, mild drop on coilovers and a rack for the bikes (and in my dreamworld, an M57 swap).

2:18 AM

I think most here would disagree with your notion that sedans look better than wagons!

11:28 PM

I had a 2003 LSB E46 M3, black interior, 6-speed, with nav. That one showed up at my local dealership, off a lease. It was sitting in a corner and I spotted it when I just happened to swing by for a part for my E36 328 (the alarm would go off anytime I drove anywhere in the rain - brilliantly amusing the first 25 Read more