Jonathon Klein
12:35 AM

Oh; and for reference I had pretty much let this out of my mind but what got me thinking about this was the similarity of my reaction to what you experienced. The week he left my wife and I loaded into my hotrod truck and just blasted out into the TX hill country; I don’t even remember where we went now except that it Read more

12:25 AM

Last I’d heard after having another kid with a different guy and a couple divorces she was back local and had settled down and her kids where doing as ok as could be expected . As much as I’d like to make sure he’s ok I don’t think making contact would do him any good so I don’t; I can’t justify how him knowing about Read more

5:21 PM

I’ve dealt with similar issues and cope similarly as well. The S2000 with the top down or CBR600RR are both highly therapeutic. Angry? Depressed? Simply stressed? I just go. No destination, pick a direction and go, then once my mind is clear I use nav to make my way back.

5:06 PM

Sad, beautiful article. I can’t imagine the roller-coaster of emotions you have both been through. I’ve wanted to foster dogs and am fearful of having to give them up, so I think you two are very strong to attempt the same with a child. Time cures all. I hope the next child gets to stay with you all — it’s clear you Read more

5:02 PM

Re-reading my post it seems really grim. Sorry, I never put my feelings down in writing, I guess they are still a bit raw. My son is doing alot better now. Just keep an eye out for Teo, he might really need you and it will be a really fulfilling experience, even if he doesn’t.

3:58 PM

I know it’s hard right now, but think of it this way: You two gave that baby what he needed. You gave him love, attention, and life. And the fact that you want to keep doing it is very noble and I applaud you both for it.

3:28 PM

I’m sitting in my office, almost in tears for your heart breaking, but wonderful story. Good luck with your quest to adopt. Read more

1:58 PM

I feel your pain. My wife and I have done foster care for a bunch of years now. We have adopted one and currently have 4 others ranging from 8 months to 3 years. Read more

12:14 PM

They throw their cocaine trays at mirrors and scream “I’M A STAR, BITCH” a lot, but that happened before too.

3:05 PM