Jonathan Ponikvar
11:02 AM

So in the 2001 version of Thirteen Ghosts with Matthew Lillard, there's a huge freaking plot hole as big as Lillard's head. And I know this is an absolutely horrible movie whose only redeeming grace was the detailed backstories on the ghosts themselves (which weren't even covered in the movie), but that's besides the Read more

11:06 AM

I'd like to see them tackle a SimCity that lets you choose from any number of time periods/locations/fantasy settings. Every SimCity has always seemed to be nestled firmly into the "modern cityscape" scenario (with minor deviations into "historic/futuristic" buildings and whatnot), but I'm curious to try and manage a Read more

10:33 AM

Last night, "Wreck-It" Ralph was found back at his junkyard, crying because he was denied the medal he had most definitely deserved. Reportedly it was instead given to a plucky young redhead princess whose disappointing film turned out completely different than how it was originally advertised. Read more

10:36 AM

Dang. To those who have a Wii U, check out the Miiverse US community board for Balloon Fight. It's been turned into a "Nintendo: PLEASE RELEASE EARTHBOUND" petition board. There are literally HUNDREDS of drawings pleading with NOA to release the game on VC. It'll be interesting to see if that gets their attention.

10:41 AM

So Adult Swim is finally going to release the lost episode of Dexter's Laboratory, "Dexter's Rude Removal," making it available online tomorrow afternoon.

11:10 AM

A question to all gamers across the board: Why is it that the mobile and PC industries seem to be targeting consoles now? It seems like every other day there's a new article or editorial posted onto gaming sites that preaches about "the Death of Console Gaming," or how Sony/MS/Nintendo will have to become third-party Read more

12:12 PM

Got these for Christmas. My wife tracked down everything. What can I say, she's awesome.

10:31 AM

My brother managed to get me this for Christmas: a copy of the original F-Zero, factory-sealed. I have no idea how he found it, but here it is. It even still has the original plastic hang-tag on the back, and no price stickers. Pristine condition.

10:59 AM

My brother and I were kids when Ren & Stimpy premiered — I remember eating dinner in front of the TV and literally choking from laughing so hard at the first episode. I was about two months away from 10 years old at the time.

10:49 AM

Well, it finally happened. I died my first death in ZombiU last night. My 34-year-old Analyst had a good run, got pretty far... but ultimately got cornered by a horde and after pushing his way through, was devoured from behind. Cowardly zombies. Read more

10:43 AM

I'm gonna go completely off-topic and all psycho-analytical on you guys today. A friend of mine brought up this question on Facebook and it really got some interesting responses, so I thought I'd toss it out here. Read more

10:28 AM

(Reposting this from my comment on the Zelda HD article, simply because I think it would make a great TAY topic. Get some ideas flowing, y'know?) Read more

10:53 AM

I'm a complete pinball junkie who is forced to go without a fix. Local arcades in my area have completely vanished, except for one — and it has nothing but fighting and gun games, with a smattering of DDR and skeeball. No pinball to be found. I even searched in an online directory of pinball tables (yes, such online Read more

10:47 AM

Looking at this morning's announcement of Animal Crossing having an early November release in Japan, I went and checked the dates for past AC releases and how long other territories had to wait. Surprisingly, they all have pretty much launched within a week of each other. Read more