John Star
Jun 10

Link to a (legitimately sourced) story then let’s discuss, honey.

May 27

I only take it when jet lagged (Asia or Europe). This is in addition to good sleep habits and strategic timing of light exposure and caffeine intake. I’m sure it contributes only about <5% towards my success at getting a good night’s sleep, but when you wake up in Seoul at 3am with nothing to do and can’t fall back Read more

May 20

The highlights for me were, by far, Don Rickels, because Don Rickels, and Mel Brooks/Carl Reiner, which gives me anxiety to this day about what happens when one of them dies because they are such a sweet couple. Read more

May 19

The conversation between host and guest was usually decent, occasionally quite good, but it was the cars that were truly transcendent.
Read more

May 19

Judging by the explosion in FB posts in our “community group” with people asking about setting up playdates and asking when other things are going to “be as normal”, methinks this is going to turn into a shitshow in a very quick hurry.

May 15

Apparently, Lindsey was blocking his view out.

May 15

69 pages!? Who can read this?! We’ll replace it with a one page plan.  Get a sharpie!”

May 15

Obama-Biden plan that has been referenced was insufficient, Read more

May 13

They use the “war on terror” and the “war on drugs” to justify a lot, don’t they? 

May 9

Never trust a scientist who wears a cross necklace outside of their clothing. Read more

May 8

She’s been at this a long time. Her Wikipedia page calls her an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy freak. Several pages describe her activities before she took this current opportunity to scare and misinform people: Read more

May 3

McShane and Welliver were such a great combo. Also YouTube has TW showcasing his talent for impressions; his Al Pacino at different life stages from Kevin Pollock’s Chat Show is really a Masterclass on impersonation. He is great in interviews—smart, interesting, and funny.

May 3

I’ve read all the Bosch books and even though Welliver is great, I still can’t picture Harry Bosch as anyone other than the late, great, Dennis Farina.

Aug 15 2017

I mean some meat is reall really good raw. I love a good tartare or carpaccio.

Aug 15 2017

You also don’t have to cook meat. It’s great just like that off the bone.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.